I Believe in You (3)

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"I haven't done anything!" I shouted at her. How could she accuse me of something like that? I didn't even touch her. She violently pushed my shoulder with her finger. "Well, it's your word against mine and of course everyone will believe me. Why shouldn't they? You're the one with the reputation" she hissed. She was right of course, I had done some pretty bad things before, but that was something I would never even think of doing. I wasn't capable of stealing something so horrifically from someone. I couldn't let people think that of me.  I couldn't let it go. Placing my hand on her arm I tried to calm her down. "This isn't fair Kas. You can't tell people things like that" I whispered. She had no idea of the trouble this could cause. "Do you think I care?!" she screamed in my face. "After what you've done I don't think that matters". Those words were harsh. Okay, we had been together for a few years, and okay, sleeping with her sister was not the best thing to do, but that was still evil. I wish I was warned. I wish I was warned that my ex-girlfriend was out to get me.

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