Ganglord Gaara x Assassin Reader Ending 1

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A/N: finally?

Slowly reaching and pulling on her good arm. Gaara watched her face, her calm demeanor was slowly breaking and she was beginning to panic.

Maneuvering his sand towards her shoulder he made sure she was staying still while continuing to pull her arm, stopping at the point where if he pulled anymore it would be removed from its socket like the other one.

"So?...what's it gonna be Ookami?" He asked.


When he didnt get an answer he started pulling her arm slowly again, watching her face twist in pain.

"Option one! I'll take number 1. I-I'll become yours!" She answered quickly, breathing out in relief when he let her arm go.

Her binds coming loose, her body slumped in the chair, screaming in aches as both relief and pain from the sudden change of position.

Breathing heavily she clenched her eyes shut and tried to slow her breathing.

Feeling her face slowly and gently caressed, by a firm hand. A thumb running across her lips.

"I knew you'd come around..." Gaara whispered to her, picking her up and hugging her close to him. Ignoring the slight whimpers she gave, when he brushed over her wounds.

"No one will harm you, I will be the only one to touch you from now on..."


That statement was the only thing she heard before blacking out.

True to his word no one touched her, but him. No one could so much as brush against her without ending up dead. He had it in his mind that she was only meant for him even, rarely letting doctors look over her.

(Y/N) sole purpose now was to live out her life next to the one tailed leader. Becoming his bride, after her wounds were healed. The wedding was sudden and the idea didnt hit her until she was being forced to walk down an aisle with the man who took enjoyment in torturing her.

And she hated every minute of it.

She missed being an assassin, missed having the constant since of adventure. That her next assignment might mean her death. The freedom she had to be able to do what she wanted and when.

Being a wife and unable to do what she use to love killed her slowly. Feeling trapped and unable to break out with the only sole purpose of baring someone elses children was so....wrong. To her at least.

She was thankful he wasnt ready to have children yet, and as much as she hated to admit it the sex was great. Everyday she saw a side of him no one else knew. To her he was gentle and caring making sure she was comfortable.

However with all that in mind, the ex assassin couldn't help but hate it all the same at the same time.

(Y/N) saw everything he did as a ploy to make her forget her old life, the one she loved. The life Gaara took away from her without so much of a thought but himself.

As of now she was staring out the window of their shared bedroom. Watching the wild life on the property, since the place was far from the city's. As well as well hidden, unless you knew how to navigate through the roads you couldn't find the place either.

Still caught up in her thoughts she didnt notice someone else had entered the room with her. Until a pair of arms wrapped around startling her, and making her react like she usually would when someone randomly grabbed her.

Or...she would have if the person wasnt so physical stronger than her, that the only thing she could was flinch and turn to look at him.

"You've been more quiet lately..." soft green eyes stared in her (e/c) eyes.

Turning her gaze back to the land, she sighed lightly "what's your point?"

Flinching lightly when she felt his grip tighten she kept a blank stare.

"my point is I want to know why?" He pressed on.

" know why" she whispered.

Gasping lightly when he pulled her from the window and slammed her to the floor pinning her.

Not that she react much, at this point she was use to his bipolar tendencies.

"I told you before, your old life is nothing but a memory; and you to forget it" he glared at her.

She tried but failed not to glared back.  "Memory or not, its mine and you have no control over my mentality!" She yelled fighting his grip. Her mind wondering why she hadn't just up and left yet, when she has been long since trained how to escape situations like this.

"Do you really hate it that much...?"

Stopping her struggles her looked up at the man she was forced to marry.

Oh right.

That's why.

Even with everything he did to her when they met. Somehow over the time she spent with him, she found that she had fallen for him.
Maybe it was his broken past, or the behavior he only ever showed you and no one else. Or even the way he treated you, that caught you.

That broken voice that he used whenever she started she hated her caged life, made her instantly regret saying those words to him. The way his eyes filled with both desire and dread when you looked him the eye that made you want to turn back time and take back what you said.

"I...I cant keep living like this...I miss being able to get out and experience new things..." her voice cracked. Tears falling down her face when she closed her eyes.

"I cant let you live your life as an assassin anymore" he whispered cupping her face with his hand. "Why do tear apart me like this?"

"Why do you constantly cage me?" (Y/N) bit back, opening her eyes.

Gaara frowned placing his hand down on her waist, while looking away.

Slowly raising her arms she wrapped them around his neck, not only trying to soothe him but herself. While turning her head away, not able to stand looking at him like this.

"What if we leave?"


Looking back she saw that determined look again. The look that he first gave you when he said you would fall for him eventually.

"We could go anywhere, to any country you want. Then you dont have to stay in one place anymore"

"But your gang-"

"It expands out at several other countries"

"Of course it does" (Y/N) smirked lightly.


"Its not I'll be hunted down...most already think I'm dead" the thought of traveling was starting to sound better the more she thought about it.

"If people do find out you're alive, it's not like they'll be anyone brave enough to try to touch you" he smirked lightly back.

"I want to see Russia" she bit back the excitement. Being unable to actually travel when she was working alone because of the risks.

"Well do it then"



"Later?" (Y/N) asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Right now, theres are things that need to done first" his voice dropped to a low rumble. When he drew his face closer to hers.

"I wanna leave right away though" she whispered.

"We better get started then" he silenced her, when his lips touched hers.

A/N: I was originally gonna make reader hate him within every aspect of Gaara, but like my other stories my love for the tanuki kicked in and made it fluff again.

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