"One rule: Don't cum until I say you can. Or you'll get punished."

Harry licked up and down your slit slowly, causing you to writh underneath him. You could feel him smirk against you. He held a single finger at your opening and very slowly put it in and pulled it out while placing light kisses on your clit. He repeated this a few times and you got frustrated.

"Harry stop it!" You squirmed around.

He chuckled and held you down with his strong arms. He continued to torture you.

"I mean it, Haz." You warned.

"Are you trying to threaten me? Doesn't look like you can really do much right now, love." Harry said.

"Really?!" You squirmed around and tried to rub his dick with your legs, but failed.

"Yeah, really," He laughed, "You helpless whore."

"Fuck you." 

"Now that's not a very nice thing to say, honey. And I was just about to give you what you wanted..what a shame." Harry smirked and continued kissing your clit and pumping his single finger at a snail's pace.

"No Harry I take it back! Please!" You begged.

"Are you sure you take it back?" 

"Yes! I'm sorry babe! Please go faster please I'm begging you.." You pleaded.

"How's this?" He added two more fingers and thrusted them in and out at a quick pace while licking and sucking at your clit viciously.

"A-Amazingg." You moaned.

"What was that? Didn't hear you." He spoke against your clit between licks.

"AH fuck! It's amazing aahhhh..." You yelled.

"I knew you'd like that you slut. You just love it don't you? You love it when I pleasure you." His dirty talk turned you on to no end.

You just moaned in response.

"Answer me!" He demanded.

"Y-Yes!" You moaned out.

"Yes what?"  He nibbled your clit playfully.

"Yes I love it when you do thissss!" You knew you weren't going to last much longer.

"I know. Now cum for me so I can punish you, you naughty girl."

You weren't going to give in that easily. You tried to hold it as long as possible.

"I-I'm not.." You choked out.

"You won't last much longer, babe. Just cum, comon I know you want to bitch." 

He thrust his fingers deep inside of you, curving them as he did so, and sucked hard on your clit; sending you over the edge. You tried to contain it, but you couldn't.

"AH FUCKK HAZ....! FUCK OH MY GOSH." You came all over his fingers and he pulled them out and licked them clean.

"Told you you wouldn't last." Harry smirked at you, "Now it's time for your punishment."

Without warning, he slammed his huge cock inside you.

"FUCK!" You screamed.

"Yesss babe say my name." Harry ordered.

You bit your lip to hold back your moans, not wanting to give him what he wanted.

"Say my fucking name." He spoke through gritted teeth.

You ignored him again.

He pulled out of you and uncuffed you.

"Get on all fours. NOW!" He yelled, and this time you followed his instructions.

He slammed into you from behind causing you to scream again. He massaged your ass cheeks with his hands.

"Say my name now." He demanded.

You still ignored.

He smacked your ass.

"SAY," smack "MY," smack "NAME," smack "BITCH," smack.

It was a bit painful, but it was also a lot of pleasure. It was exciting. You couldn't hold it back anymore.

"Harryyy..." You let out a long moan.

"Louder." He said, giving your ass a light slap this time.

 "Harry!! Oh Harry I'm close babe!" 

"Cum for me baby. Scream my fucking name." He gave your ass one last slap which took you over the edge.

"HARRY OH FUCK HARRYYY!! Yess Haz fuck me hard baby!" You screamed, riding your orgasm.

"That's right babe say my name just like that ah fuck!" He twitched and emptied inside of you.

He pulled out and you both laid there, trying to catch your breath.

"Well that was different." You said after a minute.

"Very different." Harry agreed.

"We needed something different though." You said, snuggling into his chest.

"I love you, gorgeous." He kissed your forhead.

"I love you too. Good night, babe."

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