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Cadell exploded into a dash after the red mist, focusing on creating another portal. The roof of an adjacent, much shorter building was ingrained firmly in his mind. This time the portal would obey him. There was no time for setbacks.

"Come on, little guy," Cadell yelled. "Don't fail me now!"

He winced as the portal floated a long distance away from the roof's edge. Well, at least it's ahead of me this time.

"Hey, Eli my man," Cadell said, while quickly increasing his sprinting strides. "By any chance, do you know what the long-distance world record is?"

"What? I don't know, man. I think it's—whaaat are you doing!?"


Cadell propelled himself forwards through the air, his arms rotating wildly. Elijah's screeches were quickly whipped away from the howling wind. Just as gravity plummeted Cadell downwards and horror began to set in, he found himself stumbling along another roof.

But there was no time to celebrate. He kept his pace. Something was waiting for him, and it was close.

"Elijah Shin has gained full access," Shantel droned. "Helmet activated." The mask quickly extended into a sleek, black helmet without squishing his brain.

Elijah's voice boomed, filling Cadell's headgear. "That was awesome, bro. We gotta replay that footage later. I'm seeing what you're seeing on the screen—it's like I'm watching a film."

Cadell looked upwards at the red mist which took a quick curve to the right over multiple buildings. Was the source moving?

He took a swift turn and began to effortlessly jump along a row of buildings that were close together. Apparently, parkour was a thing now.

"Cad, the drug's effects approximately wear off in ten hours but we're leaving in four. There's no telling how these powers will affect the medication. We leave when I say."

"Of course," Cadell said, panting. "Do what you gotta do. Shock me if you have to." He landed on another rooftop with a roll and jogged into a crouch.

"The mist stopped?" Elijah asked. "There's nothing here."

Cadell didn't respond and stared at a long, wide street below immersed in a fizzing crimson.

It was empty. No cars, no sirens, no smell of exhaust fumes.




Cadell held a palm in the air and watched as drops of blood splashed onto his hand. He didn't bother looking at the bleeding sky.

"Cad, I think we should..." Elijah's voice trailed off. A faint sound of slamming footsteps and shouts gradually became louder and louder, until, all of a sudden, someone roughly painted in navy blue bolted around a corner.

The voice chuckled as the hallucinations vanished. Wait for it, boy.

The person, who Cadell assumed was a male teenager, was almost halfway down the street when a horde of hooded ski-masked figures followed him in pursuit.

"Elijah, can you zoom in on them?" 

"Y-yup," Elijah stuttered.

The assailants were all wielding knives of various sizes, hurling out insults like battle axes.

Everyone was aware of London's never-ending knife crime epidemic, but this? This was madness.





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