Addendum 3 - Full Story Outline

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Act 1

(About 10 Chapters)


The Theme of Feeling & Control.


Meet Amara & establish the Cyber-Revolution.

Introduction to Facegoo, Boggle, PIEC, & hint at her father's death.

Start with meeting Stefan, and move through the world.

End with the cliffhanger thought.


After showing more of the world, meet Kato.

After meeting Kato, show the night life of their world with Kya.

Kya and Amara go to a nightclub and party together.

Introduction to The Ghosts and their symbol.


Rewind to the implant party: One4All.

See how Amara met Stefan and Kato.

See how Kya encouraged the moment.

Move back to Amara's home in the present.

Show her greenhouse.


Introduce the inside of her greenhouse & the A.I. project with Kato.

Explain that Kato is married and how that factors into their relationship.

Establish Amara's work as an analog programmer.

Amara discards the idea of The Ghosts for a little while, they don't seem real.

Learn more about TowerTech through a call with Sai Avir.

Establish what has changed at the company in the past year (privacy-related).


Amara wakes Kya so they can they drive to Table Mountain that night.

Atop the mountain, they see videos from Facegoo & Boggle's CEOs.

The videos discuss a recent blackout that hit Moscow.

Only a Highlighted symbol is left behind, but Amara recognizes it (The Ghosts).

End with them trying to put the event out of their minds and stargaze.


Despite seeing that The Ghosts have more power than she thought, Amara is still hesitant to join them.

In the meantime, she keeps trying to hack into PIEC necklaces.

Learn more about Stefan and her relationship with him, including his visions, which come with the migraines.

Spend an entire day with Stefan as the ramifications of Moscow settle in.

Amara thinks more on her father's death as she flashes back to a sweet memory of them together.


Unable to decide what to do, Amara travels to see Chiara–her mentor.

Chiara encourages Amara to be completely sure of a goal before going after it.

Discover more about TowerTech and Chiara's hopes for the future.

Learn more about green cities in their modern era.

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