Addendum 2 - Full Character Descriptions

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1. Amara Dewan – Main Protagonist / Ecologist & Hacker

Side note: her name roughly translates to "Eternal Treasure."

Her mantra is: "Think globally, act locally."

Foremost, Amara is an ecologist who adores nature.

Secondly, but just as equally, she is a capable hacker.

Thirdly, she works as an analog programmer in a world that sometimes seems to have moved past the concept.

In her free time, however, she is a member of a Neo-Mystic community that uses their skills to better understand natural phenomenon with a blend of computer science, sociological academics, and ecological studies.

Much of her time, outside of coding and nature, is spent with her two loves.

Amara's life is kept in motion by her polyamory relationship.

Stefan is wonderful for his sensibilities and their sexual activities.

Kato is fantastic on a sapiosexual level and their hobbies crisscross.

She could never choose between them as she loves both equally.

When Amara wants to be alone, she spends time in a personal greenhouse she made.

She made a garden and greenhouse in a secret place near her house/apartment. She doesn't want anybody to discover this place. It's her private place.

There she grows all kinds of plants and has some small animals that she feeds. She always meets with a white female cat named Sofla in this place. The black of her dress contrasts with the white of Sofia's coat, like the black and white of Tao (the Yin and the Yang). Opposite but fully complementary. She loves this cat and has a very special relation with her. She seem to be able to have some kind of telepathic connection with her. She makes some experiments to check their telepathic abilities and takes note of her observations in her notebook.

Among the plants that she grows are organic tomatoes that are unavailable on the market and have very uncommon shape. She got the seeds from a peasant during one of her journeys. Because growing unreferenced species is forbidden by international law in 2030, she better hide these plants.

She also grows many different kinds of herbs from which she makes teas. She also grows one plant of marijuana (which is legal in many parts of the world by 2030 and in South Africa specifically) from which she makes "special" cookies once in a while.

She has a disconnected computer in it with old games & a notepad.

She keeps a digital journal and stores drives in protected cases under the plants.

With her father & Chiara's* help, they built this greenhouse in an isolated place. .

After he died of a (supposed) heart attack, TowerTech's Board of Directors took over.

Policies shifted after her father's death, especially their privacy-related ones.

Amara's father had created Wills in the event of his untimely death, but TowerTech hid them away. Amara will eventually find out about them.

Amara's father had no will written up, so the company's control didn't go to

Her mother left them a long time ago, it's not supremely important to the story.

This left her father to be a single parent and CEO, & she admires him for that.

Amara's father was the CEO of a rich, industrial corporation called TowerTech.

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