Yes 😩

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Date: July 29, 2019
Time: 12:03 a.m.
Location: Ari house

Ari P.O.V. 👇🏼
He pushed my legs to my ears and started swirling his tongue up and down my clit at a fast past.
East: "you like when I do it like that baby" he mumbled into my pusssy. My peak was near I couldn't stop shaking it felt so good my moans won't even come out they felt stuck In the back of my throat. He stop eating and looks me deep in the eyes my pussy juices dripping all down his mouth.
East: "baby you want me to fuck the shit out of you" he asked while pumping his dick with his right hand and rub on my clit with his left. "Yes papí please" I pleaded just looking at him. I quickly pushed him off of me to we were standing face to face I turned his back towards the bed and pushed him on the bed. I take his boxers fully off from around his ankles and took no time swallowing his whole dick in a split second making sure to use my left hand to tickle his balls I get my mouth extra watery and go to work I bob my head up and down at a slow steady pace while staring in him dead in the eye he slowly grabs my ponytail and slowly starts to make me bob my head up and down at a quicker past.
East: "fuck baby just like that go a little faster"
I pick up my pace removing my hand from his balls I relax my throat and bob my head up and down as quick as I can I pop his dick out my mouth and suck and play with the tip with my tongue. Slowly I take him all in my mouth again and went none stop. Slurping and squishing noises fill the room shortly followed my East's moaning I feel his dick twitch in my mouth his warm seed fills my mouth it also drips down my face a little I swallow and put it back in my mouth again making sure I sucked all of it out of him, I got off my stomach and laid next to him after about 4 minutes of laying there with our eyes closed, he climbs on top of me kissing from my stomach to my lips slowly looking me dead in my eyes.
East: "you want me baby" "you want daddy to fuck the shit out of you"
He slowly kisses down my neck to my breast where he grips them both and takes my left nipple into his mouth. My eyes roll to the back of my head as a knot ties in my lower stomach. He slowly slid in "fuckkkkkkkkkk" he slowly moans out while taking his time to fit every 11 inch inside, "faster daddy" he picks my legs up and push them to my ear he looks me in the eyes and starts stroking faster and harder making sure i feel every inch "this my pussy baby" "yes" I whisper out lowly barely audible, " I said is this mines baby" he says as he slow his stokes down "YES, dadddy go faster" I squirm out as if a light switch was turned on he picks up the pace once again all you hear was the clapping of his balls hitting my kitty and you hear the sounds of waves as he pumps in and out of me. My stomach tightens I feel my nut builds up I close my eyes so tight I was so close to releasing it he pulls out.
Ari P.O.V
I jump up from my very wet dream I had of Dave I turn over to check the time 4:37 a.m. I can't believe I really just had duck a nasty dream about him especially already we've literally just started talking a little while ago I just couldn't believe it. I shoot dave a text just to see would he reply.
Me: baby are you up?
East😚👅💙: yes at the shop what's the matter baby?
Me: nothing just was thinking about you.... how long do you plan on being there?
East😚👅💙: not long do you need for daddy to come home?
Me: yes 😩
East😚👅💙: daddy will be otw soon don't wait up tho ma, you know I hate when you be too tired to talk to me when I get there.
Me: okay baby just use the key under the mat, and wake me up when you get here if your not too tired.

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