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What i do now I'm get married to person who i accident i cannot hear this type of punishment anywhere . I thought to run away from here but 😤 no one leave me. My anger was reach peak when my parents leave hospital without me how they do it to me  i want to shout ,cry . That time my brother come beside me.


Ani_😤 what you also going to say me to marry that person.

Adv_i talk to dad but he did bot agree with me you know na business was  his first priority.

Ani_then why he gave birth to me. I think they bring me from any orphanage that why they leave me here without supporting me.

Adv_nothing like that ani.
I go to home and convince dad.

I did not speak anything i left the place . I saw all his family members looking at me . Some people are looking me with anger , hate only one old lady looking me some lovely . I did not know one here what i do my parent no I'm not ready to think about them. Ahh my head is paining i also met with accident but 😃.
One minute pass like one century for me. After 7-8 hour doctor say he open his eyes.
All are enter in room . I simply sat on chair and thinking about my life.

In hospital room

Pink_how are you beta

Shiv_who are you aunty

Pink_im pinky your mom

Shiv_mom no you are not my mom you lie to me.

Pink_really shivay I'm your mom.


Shiv_who are you aunty

Ohm_I'm not any aunty I'm your brother ohm.

Shiv_😡 no all are lying to me.

Rud_ok ok leave them they are lying I'm rudy .

Shiv_hi I'm😅
I don't remember my name

Rud_your name was shivay singh oberoi

Shiv_shivay sigh oberoi its so long  sso how was it

Ru_nice bhaiy


Rud_i mean nice buddy
Today onwards we are friends

Shiv_no i became your friend only you buy lolly pop for me

Rud_dont worry i buy you lolly pop,diary milk,alll

Shiv_you are my best friend 

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