You're Perfect 18+

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"I'm sorry I can't accept this."
I said and look at Rosé parents and my parents.

"Why not?"
Dad ask and I look at him.

"I'm sorry, Mom and Dad but I can't."
"I have someone I love already."
I said and turn to look at Rosé.

"And I think Rosé don't want this either."
"We're an adult now, we know what's right and wrong and what's good and not good for us... we can decide our own decision."
I look at Rosé and smile she look at me and smile back at me but I know it was a fake smile.

"Rosé don't like me and I don't like her, so there's nothing like that Marry going to happen, right Rosé?"
I asks and both of our parents wait for her reply.

"Of course, I got someone I love too."
"And Jungkook you're right."
Rosé smile at me and I smile back at her.


JUNGKOOK: You're not asleep yet?

Y/N: No, You said you're going to stop by so I waited for you.

JUNGKOOK: Hmm... wait a little longer I'm almost there.

Y/N: Okay, sure...

Y/N: Want anything to eat?

JUNGKOOK: Aw, I want you.

Y/N: Jeon Jungkook, shut up before I kill you.

JUNGKOOK: Well, I know you like it.

You let out a chuckle.

Y/N: Whatever, drive safe.

You said and hang up the call.


"How is it?"
You ask Jungkook who's eating Ramen 🍜 you cooked for him.

"Pretty good."
He said and you smile.
"It will be better if you let me eat you."
He said and you chuckle.

You look at Jungkook who's eating ramen and smile at him.

You feel so lucky to have this man here, a lot of woman dream to be his girlfriend and wanted to date him back in the day, but he end up with you... you don't even know how he fall for a potato like YOU!

"Why are you staring at me like that?"
He ask while looking at you who's smiling.

You said and look away.

"Oh, right.."
You turn and look at him.
"My parents introduce me to this Pretty girl."
He said in two last words in a smirk.

"Well, cool."
You said roiling you're eye and leans back on the chair.

"She have this blonde hair and her eye are so pretty, she wear this off shoulder shoulder that make her boobs look so perfect and which make her look so sexy.... she have this perfect body, I think she might have a perfect body then you—-"

You get up from the chair and look at Jungkook.

"If you're done eating, get out."
You said and make you're way to your room.

"Yah! Babe! I was just kidding."
Jungkook said coming after you while laughing.

Before he can catch you, you went into you're room and lock the door.

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