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Deku POV

"Owww" I screamed I don't know why, I was used to this, the pain, the cramps it was normal to me but I just screamed causing Kacchan and Todoroki to run to me with worried expression.
"Bunny are u OK"
"No...no Shotochan it hurts....it hurts a lot" I cried into his shoulder
He hugged me back and started to pet my head
"I know, I know but we will get though this OK"
I nodded and wiped my tears, he then lifted me up.and put me in the chair a the table between him and Kacchan.
Kacchan put my food in front of me smiling
"I made your favorite, waffles"
He was right they are my favorite. I enjoyed the waffles until Kacchan and Shoto started to get ready to head to school
"Why...why can't you stay with me"
"Because Bunny we need to go to school so we can catch you up when you get back"
I started to cry at Kacchan's reply as the door shut.

I sat there for a few minutes before I got the urge to be around Shoto's and Kacchan's smell, I ran upstairs  and started to rummage through the their drawers and grabbed their shirts, shorts, and the pillows. After that I ran to the garage that we never use and started my nest.

Todoroki POV

Me and Bakougo walked into class super quiet, we were worried for Bunny and we really didn't  want  to leave  him alone
"Hey Icy hot"
" tomorrow you need to.stay home with bunny"
I was confused that he wanted me to stay home till I remembered  that he was going to start with the urges tomorrow and Bakougo can't  stay home with him or he will do it to bunny and risk getting him pregnant.

"Well where will go you stay tonite "

He gave me a smirk

"Did you already forget"

I shook my head and went to my seat
'I hope bunny's ok'

~time skip because I'm lazy~


B: hey bunny how you doing

D:would be better if you were here

T:we will be there soon we are in last class of today

D:ok but plz hurry I need you guys

B: ok bunny we will

T:see you when we get home

D:ok bye ):


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