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⟳written in Taglish

⟳This is a work of full fiction. If any of the names are alike in real life, it is pure coincidence. It's all from the author's imagination.

⟳Plot has been planned way before the story was published. Tsaka matagal na siyang nabubulok sa drafts ko.

⟳It contains foul words.

⟳Plagiarism is a crime.

⟳this is the book 2 of (Jacket | Son Dongpyo) so please read that first before this para walang confusions. Thank u!


if you don't like the story, kindly stop reading.

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I'll try to update atleast 3 times a week! Onting chapters na lang complete naman na.

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son dongpyo as himself
you as son areum

"hoy dongpyo, naiwanan mo ata sweater mo!"

nga pala may special guests dito awieeeeeeee

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