Chapter 2

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On Saturday, I took an Uber to the address that Jimmy had given to me. The Uber ride was only eight dollars, so it wasn't too bad.

I walked up to the house and saw the group of guys standing outside, appraising a very nice looking car. I didn't know much about cars, but it definitely looked expensive.

Chandler noticed me walking up the driveway first, and he nudged Jimmy.

"Hey!" Jimmy paused for a moment, and then he asked, "Wait, did you walk here?"

"No, Uber," I said, feeling pretty embarrassed that I didn't have a car to drive and that I got called out on it instantly.

"I meant to ask if you had a ride--I'm so sorry," Jimmy said. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a one-hundred dollar bill. "Hopefully this covers the Uber for your ride over here. I'll drive you back."

"No, it's fine, you don't have to--" I started to say. One-hundred dollars for a few dollar Uber ride was crazy.

Chris interrupted with, "Don't even fight it because he's got more than enough."

I hesitantly took the money from Jimmy's hand.

"Okay, so now we need to get you some merch to wear for the video." Jimmy went into the huge house and came back out with a hoodie. "This one's mine, so it might be a little big, but it should do the trick."

My heart started pounding as I reached out to grab the hoodie. It was black and had Beast written in gold letters. My hands were shaking as I put it on over my head, on top of the shirt that I was wearing. I was wearing his hoodie.

It was definitely big on me as it fit almost like a dress, reaching my mid-thigh. It was super comfortable, though, and I was already planning on "forgetting" to give it back to him at the end of the video. It smelled really nice--it smelled like him, or at least it smelled like whatever laundry detergent he used.

"Perfect," Jimmy said as he looked me up and down. He was talking about the hoodie, right? My face start to heat up a bit as I could feel his gaze linger a bit longer on my legs and my chest.

What the fuck is happening?

Jimmy started talking to the camera about the challenge. "Rules for this challenge are slightly different than the Lamborghini video. In this challenge, both hands must be on the car at all times. Every participant will have a partner to help them if they have an itch they need to scratch or if they need help to eat. The winner gets the Audi and the winner's partner will get $5,000. I think it'll go by a lot quicker with both hands on the car."

The people participating in this challenge were: Chris (his partner was Chandler, who had decided to sit this challenge out after the injustice he suffered in the Lamborghini video), Garrett (his partner was Ethan), Jake (his partner was a friend that he brought), Tareq (his partner was Bailey), and me...

Guess who my partner was? Of course it was Jimmy.

"Of course Jimmy chooses the cute girl," Chandler grumbled.

"I invited her," he responded and then turned to me. "Anything you need--anything at all, no matter how weird, you got it. You're going to win this."

I laughed. "That makes one of us that thinks I'll win!"

He gave me an adorable smile. "Of course I believe in you."


It was about two hours in and I was doing alright. Surprisingly, Chris was out first after he had to sneeze and instinctively covered his mouth. He blamed it on having Chandler as his partner, which gave him the bad luck of losing challenges. Tareq was also out after he accidentally lifted one of his hands off without even thinking.

It was just Jake, Garrett, and me left.

Jimmy had been pretty much standing by my side the whole time, cheering me on. He was such a dork and I loved it.

I started grumbling about how I kept accidentally almost lifting my hand up without even thinking, but my mind luckily reminded me in time that I had to keep both of my hands on the car.

Jimmy chuckled. "Keep your hands on the car or I'll make you keep them there."

I was confused. "How will you make me?"

"Like this." Before my mind even registered what was happening, Jimmy was behind me, bent over, so that his chest was basically pressed against my back and his crotch lightly grazed against my ass by accident. I was facing the car with my hands in front of me, and Jimmy put his hands on top of mine, pinning my hands to the car so that I couldn't move.

My body felt like it was on fire, and his touch sent an electric feeling throughout my body.

I tried to ignore it, but a fantasy popped into my head of him pushing me against the car and having his way with me. He was so incredibly tall in comparison to me... I loved feeling vulnerable with him hovering over me with his hands pinning my hands to the car.

"Get a room!" Chris shouted.

Jimmy immediately jumped off of me like he had just touched a hot stove. I turned my head to look at him, and his cheeks were turning red.

His face said it all: he didn't realize how pinning my hands like that would look to other people, and it definitely looked like a very compromising position. "Sorry, that was an accident," he mumbled awkwardly, looking down at the ground in embarrassment.

He was so cute.

I chuckled and kept my cool, even though my stomach was doing flip-flops. "It's fine."

Awkward silence.

"I'm hungry," Jake said, giving us a funny distraction as his friend then began feeding him a Subway sandwich, giving him sips of soda throughout.

So far, none of us have gone to the bathroom. I definitely had to pee, but I'd been holding it in for the last few hours. I didn't know about the guys and their thoughts on it, but there was no way in hell I was about to pee in front of everyone, especially since I'd need help because I couldn't move my hands. I'd gladly give up the car before doing that.

"The middle of my back's itchy," I said. Jimmy chuckled and started to scratch my back. I sighed in relief. "Thanks."


It was another hour or two before anyone else got out, and this time it was Garrett when he reached for a water bottle on the ground next to him by accident instead of having his partner do it for him. He was pissed.

Now it was just Jake and me left.

"Is there anything you need?" Jimmy asked, sounding very pumped that I actually had a chance to win this thing.

"I need to pee."

I don't think I've ever seen anyone look as pale as Jimmy did in that moment. I had to resist the urge to smile from making someone like him, who always seemed so cool and confident, look so incredibly uncomfortable.

"Uhh," he started, sheepishly scratching the back of his head.

"It's fine... I'm out," I interrupted as I lifted both of my hands off the car.

Jake cheered, "Yes!"

Jimmy groaned in frustration, but he didn't say anything about me losing. "Okay, here you go Jake... The keys to your new Audi."

Jake wasted no time getting into his Audi and checking out all the features.

This sucked. I really could have used the new car.


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