Week 34 of 2.0: Chronicle of a Worthy Son: June 11th to June 18th

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Sorry for the late update; I thought the intermission was for two weeks. I'm an idiot.

Let us know if you need more time for Grad parties and the ilk. Even if it's not an intermission, we are very lenient in that regard.

Assignment 1

The Spotlight Novel is Chronicle of a Worthy Son.

Please read and comment on two chapters of Chronicle of a Worthy Son.

Don't forget that votes are a great way of showing your support!


Assignment 2


The_Authors_Quill, The_kiddler and Arveliot

Fairytale_Fabler, EvelynHail and cstahle,

slyeagle, MayaR-31 and Marclh

. .

Trios, your assignment is to read one chapter from each of your partners' books.

Duos, if you existed, your assignment is to read two chapters from each other's books.

If you finish reading your partner's book or want to switch groups, send me a PM.

Unable to complete the assignments or need an extension? Notify both myself and your partners, in advance. Failure to complete the assignments without notifying anyone is unacceptable.

When your partner's book is the spotlight novel, you must read your usual weekly chapters plus the mandatory two chapters.


For the questions of the week, please answer the following questions and elaborate on your answer.

1. Favorite world building element(s)?

2. Favorite character(s)?

3. What do you think, or hope will happen next?

4. Does it remind you of another book/movie?

5. What makes this story unique?

If you have a different question in mind for your book, feel free to message me about it in advance, when you see that your week is coming.

When you are done reading both the spotlight and your teammates' chapters, please comment and answer the question.

You have until Tuesday, June 18th to complete this assignment.

Coming up next week: Fairytale: Winter's Bite by Fairytale_Fabler

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