Chapter 1

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"You know I don't like new people in my pack," I growl at Leonardo, my Beta.

He has been bothering me about letting his daughter join our pack. She lived with a human so she doesn't know how to fight or anything. She isn't going to help us out, just hold us back.

"She is my daughter, Alpha, and the only living relative she has is me. I can't abandon her, not again," he says with sorrow in his voice.

It takes everything in me not to roll my eyes.

Before he found his mate he fooled around with some human, who ended up pregnant. He was in "love." Silly him to think he could love somebody who wasn't his mate. When he did find her, he left his daughter and the human without another word.

"Is your daughter human?" I ask, my voice full of disgust at the thought of those weak beings.

"No, she is a werewolf like us, I kept tabs on her and when she turned 16 and shifted. The only thing is that she has no idea other packs exist," he says.

I growl in annoyance. "This is unbelievable, a wolf who doesn't know about packs"

"Please Alpha, let her join the pack," Beta Leonardo pleads.

"I will meet with her, if I see she has any potential then she will join, I don't want any weak wolf in my pack," I said harshly.

"Thank you Alpha," he bows his head and exits my office.

"Mate! We will find her soon. I can feel it," my wolf says and I scoff. He has been saying that for a while now. At first I believed him, but after 2 months of hearing the same thing I came to the conclusion that he was just delusional.

Even though there is a chance that my mate might be dead, I still can't find it in me to be with another she-wolf. So unlike all of the other hormonal alpha's, I have saved myself for my mate.

Thinking about my mate gets me mad. So to blow off some steam I go do what I do best.

Torture rogues.



"I'm so sorry for your loss," another person I have never seen before says.

I give her a polite smile and keep walking.

This has been happening throughout the entire funeral. Strangers who didn't even think about visiting my mom while she was sick come and say how much they cared for her.


Since my dad abandoned us, it had only been my mom and I. After I shifted our relationship fell apart, she knew I was hiding something but I couldn't tell her. She would've feared me.

But at least I wasn't alone. On one of my runs I met my friend Ellie, she is also a wolf. She's helped me control my heightened emotions so I wouldn't shift and kill someone when I got mad or sad.

So if it weren't for her, I would have already killed all the fake people who came to my mother's funeral.

I feel a hand on my shoulder and tense.

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