Chapter 22

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Jimin slumped against his apartment door completely exhausted. How could one person have so many questions? When she asked about Taehyung he knew he had to tread carefully; he had to protect Taehyung at least, even if his cover was blown.

"What do you mean, 'What about Jack?'" Jimin asked, infusing as much confusion as possible into his voice.

"You know. You were there!" Emily replied. "He leapt at the intruder and turned into a man!" She paused for a moment and then looked at him with wide eyes, "Is he supposed to spy on me for you?! Is he from your company, too?!" Jimin could feel his heart trying to pound out of his chest; Taehyung was able to mostly fly under the radar, but if this got out he would surely be punished.

"No," Jimin answered tersely, formulating his lie. "He's just a cat. My power is just strong enough on its own that I can alter some things. I knew I would need help, so my best bet was to turn Jack into a man momentarily."

Emily stared at him, uncertainty flickering in her eyes. He could see that there was a part of her that still doubted him, that wasn't sure what she was being told was the truth. Her eyes narrowed, "I don't believe you."

Jimin's jaw dropped. "What?"

"I. Do not. Believe. You." she repeated. "When you made the intruder disappear there were obvious signs of magic in the air. When Jack transformed he was already leaping through the air and transformed as he tackled the guy. You looked as shocked as I felt, so don't tell me it was something you did."

Emily was too smart for her own good.

Heaving a sigh he looked her straight in the eyes, "Emily, I know it's asking a lot, but I need you to trust me. There are things I cannot and will not explain to you for your own safety and the safety of others. Just know that everything I'm doing is with you in mind."

Emily considered him carefully for a moment. "Fine." she said. "I won't ask about Jack anymore, but from here on out I need you to be honest with me about everything you can."

"Deal," Jimin answered grudgingly.

Shaking himself from his memories, Jimin kicked off his boots and padded toward the living room. The hairs on the back of his neck raised when he sensed Yoongi in the room. The mint haired man was once again seated on his couch. As Jimin stepped further into the room, Yoongi lolled his head along the back of the couch so he could look at Jimin.

"Any progress with your mark?" Yoongi asked, sounding completely bored.

Jimin tensed; it was never a good thing when Yoongi showed up. Jimin respected the older man, but he knew that Yoongi was Mr. Yoo's most loyal underling. Any time Mr. Yoo needed to send a message, to strike fear in the hearts of anyone on a mission he always sent Yoongi. Yoongi always came off cold and almost otherworldly. His one and only focus was whatever mission he was on; he didn't go against orders and did everything by the book. The only two people in Wishing Well that knew what he was were Mr. Yoo and Yoongi himself.

"I've made contact and granted her first wish." Jimin answered simply. Yoongi cocked an eyebrow at him. Trying to mask the unease he was feeling, Jimin crossed the room and flopped down in an armchair by the couch. Yoongi stared at Jimin, assessing him. Jimin could feel his skin crawling under the older man's gaze. Do they know about Emily Jimin worried.

Finally Yoongi broke the silence, "Make the report, Park."

"I will," Jimin answered with a quick nod. He stood expecting Yoongi to stand and leave, but the mint haired man remained seated. Yoongi gazed up and the ceiling and stretched his legs out in front of him.

"Park. You have this situation handled, right?" Yoongi asked tensely. "I was in the area the other night when I'm assuming you granted her wish. You unleashed way more power than a wish usually requires."

"I do, hyung. I was erasing an entire human from existence and healing my mark's. . . cat." Jimin said, staying as close to the truth as he could. He did everything in his power to not think about Taehyung or the fact that Emily knew. Sure, Wishing Well employees could communicate telepathically, but only when both parties were willing.

Jimin had always had a suspicion that Yoongi, whatever he was, could read people's minds whether they wanted him to or not. There were times when Jimin had passed other agents discussing their missions with Yoongi and Jimin could have sworn he saw a white light swirling in Yoongi's eyes. Every time, Jimin would blink and it would be gone, but the next day those agents were typically punished the very next day, if not sooner, for having broken rules. That alone wouldn't have been suspicious, but there were a few occasions when Jimin was trying to just visit with Yoongi and Yoongi seemed to know exactly what Jimin was thinking without linking with him telepathically.

"Her wish involved healing her cat?" Yoongi asked, skeptically. "And you erased someone from existence? How did that come about?"

"She just got the cat, but she loves it with her whole heart and it got wounded when some dude broke into her apartment while we were hanging out." Jimin lied, throwing up every mental block he had in his arsenal. "He must have been a jealous ex or something. He was furious to see us together and threatened us with a knife. Emily screamed that she wished she'd never met him, that he'd never existed. I pulled her into a hug and let the magic do its work. She didn't see the see it happen and anything she saw beforehand was wiped from her memory." Jimin shrugged, trying to play it cool.

Yoongi straightened on the couch and nodded, "Sounds like you won't have too much explaining to do on your paperwork." He stood and headed toward the door. Jimin felt relieved that he was leaving, that the inquisition was over. His head snapped up when he heard Yoongi speak again, "Make sure you fly under the radar, Park. It would be unfortunate if anything. . .messy were to happen." With that, he left the apartment, leaving Jimin alone. Jimin all but fell to the floor in relief. He was going to have to be very careful from now on.

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