Chapter 5: Oh No

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I wake up with my arms wrapped around her waist. She moves closer to me and I embrace the warmth of her body against mine. I don't want to move and have this end, but I also need to go to LCorp and get some stuff done. I wonder if she's awake. If she is then I can go. Or maybe I can leave and come back really quickly so she won't even notice. Okay. I going for it. I hope she doesn't wake up.

I unwrap myself from her and sneak off the bed. I look at her face to see if she woke up but when I do I get lost in how beautiful she is. Her face is flawless and adorable when she is sleeping. I can hear a faint snore and I smile. She turns to the other side and I can tell she is searching for me because she reaches for where my body laid. I have to leave before she wakes up. I turn around and realize that I have to go pee really bad. So I go into her bathroom and suddenly I don't have to go anymore.


Slam! The front door shuts with the loud noise that wakes me up. I turn and don't see Lena but I see my bathroom door wide open. Oh no.

"No no no no no no" I say aloud to myself as I walk to the door. My heart sinks as I see what caused Lena to leave angry and in a rush. My Supergirl suit on the dirty clothes pile on the floor. I'm so stupid, why did I leave it out? She's never going to talk to me again. I broke her heart without saying a word. I broke my heart knowing that the love of my life will never speak to me again. I can't belive this. I need to speak with her. Now. But first I must text Alex.

Kara: Alex I need your help. I'll be at the DEO in five

Alex: Good morning to you too Kara.

Kara: Sorry, Good morning Alex. I need your help. I'll be at the DEO in five

Alex: Okay, I'll see you then

I arrive at the DEO in five minutes like I said and Alex is waiting for me.

"Supergirl what is it you need help with?"

"Alex I need a sister to sister talk. Not a work talk," I whisper to her in a serious tone. She nodded and pulls me into her office. I didn't know she had an office. This must be new. I want to ask her about it but I can't get distracted.

"Alex something bad happened"

"What is it Kara? I can't help if you don't tell me."

"Me and Lena got together last night. We kissed then James got shot and we fell asleep next to each other--"

"And that's bad how?" she says after cutting me off.

"You didn't let me finish. As I was saying we fell asleep next to each other and I guess she didn't want to wake me up this morning and so she got up quietly and she went to the bathroom then left enraged and upset and in a hurry--"

She cut me off again, "Kara breathe. I know you're a kryptonian and can hold your breath for a long time but it's making me stressed so breathe. Tell me what happened." she says in a calming voice.

"Alex she saw my suit. She knows," I say bursting into tears. My sister holds me knowing that if she doesn't then all of it will get worse. I cry into her shoulder as she whispers encouraging words into my ear. I still can't believe that I have a sister like her. She is amazing. I look up from her shoulder with tears in my eyes and try to form words,

"Sho-sh-should I-I ta-talk t-to h-h-h-her?"

"Give her some time Kara. Let her process it and then ask her if she wants to talk. And only do so if she wants to," she said without hesitation. I nodded to what she says and return to the previous position I had in her arms. Crying. Endlessly.

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