Todoroki Shouto: Stay (2)

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"S-Shouto is fine!" You exclaimed, turning away. "Anyway, come with me! I'll show you to your room."


That's what I said. But then, why exactly is he here again?

You stopped in your tracks amidst your walking to the room right next to yours, taking a glance at Shouto who was following behind you. Come to think of it, grandma did mention his reason of being here, but it all happened so quick that I couldn't even think clearly about it.

"Hey," you called, gaining his attention. "Why did you come here? Why did grandma say that you were going to live here?"

Faintly, you could see a glimmer of emotion spark from his eyes, vanishing quickly as soon as it appeared. His features softened.

". . . My. . . master died. . ." He answered, his tone lowering. Your eyes widened in surprise.

"Master? Are you some kind of. . . helper, or something?"

He shot you a quick glance. "You could say that."

He cast his eyes downward, continuing his story,

"My master died, and since then, I'd been all alone. I didn't have anywhere else to go, so I came here."

"And how exactly did you find out where I live?" For all I know, I didn't mention it even once to him before.

". . . The wind brought me."

You raised a brow in confusion. The wind, he says. That's not good enough of a reason though. . . But, seeing as he wasn't going to say something else, you had no choice but just believe what he said.

"I see. . ." You sighed. This is a lot to take in after all. But, I'm sure he's especially got it hard for him.

"I'm. . . sorry about your loss," you said, sliding the door open to his room. "Anyway, this is your room. Sorry if it's not that clean. If you need anything, just let me know. I'm right next door."

You turned away to retreat in your room. But just before you could take a step, you caught sight of him staring at your figure, an unreadable emotion in his eyes.


Aaahh, I couldn't sleep again. . .

You sat up from your futon, ruffling your already messy hair. You glanced out the window, seeing the moon high up the night sky. It's so late already. But, how could I even sleep with everything that just happened?

You reminisced back on the earlier events. I got home to find grandma and grandpa talking so casually with a boy who just claimed that he was my boyfriend and wanted to live here. Turns out, his master just died and he's been living all alone now. But with the help of the 'wind', he managed to find his way here in my house. Now he's sleeping in the room right next to mine!

You rubbed your temples, your brows furrowing. Honestly, this is like a scene straight out of a fantasy novel. Just what have I done for this to happen to me all of a sudden?

Finally giving up on processing all that information, you groaned, sliding your blanket to the side so you could get up. I need some water. Maybe that'll help me clear my mind.

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