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Three years later

I sorted through the last piece of paper I had to get finished with before I went home. Today has been insanely slow but steady at the same time - And the best part? I get to go home early.

I sent Axel a text saying I'm coming home and averted my gaze to the photo on my desk. I remember that day, it was when Axel and I got our first house together. We've been together for so long, and it's only been just me and him.

Axel took over his father's law firm soon after I started running my father's company. Garrett said he needed to retire so that's exactly what he did, and Axel took it gratefully. Together, we're both successful and we both made it through this son of a bitch called life. We've watched each other's backs repeatedly and we always made it out of deep situations from the other's help and just by thinking of the memories, it made my heart warm up.

His silver eyes never lost their touch and his body didn't stop being warm. His hair never lost it's color and his hands still mold with my small ones perfectly from the day we first held each other. We were just kids then, but we went through so much together.

After I found out my father gave his company to me I immediately went to work and graduated along the way. I remember all of the looks everybody gave me when I'd walk down the corridors, I've never seen so many fearful faces in my life actually. Holly stopped messing with me, hell, I even think she switched schools but I don't care.

Jessica, well I don't know about Jessica actually. All I know is that Merideth and Jack are still in prison for their crimes and Axel makes sure they stay like that for awhile. All comfortable in their jail cells and eating food that isn't my famous chicken Alfredo.

Axel and I still cook for each other when we can. Sometimes Axel goes on business trips but he usually makes sure they don't take too long or he begs me to come with. I say yes all of the time just to ease his clinginess and just do work abroad, it always makes us both happy.

And yes, Axel is the same clingy man from when we were younger and I honestly think his clinginess even grew once we started living together. He can't go five minutes, wait no, five seconds without holding me in his arms or making any skin to skin contact at all for that matter.

I look down at my phone to see a text from Axel:

Yes! Come home already I miss you babe!

See what I mean?

I started packing my things up in my bag and headed towards the exit of my office. I said goodbye to some of my workers there and headed down into the parking lot where my beautiful BMW of a baby is waiting or me in it's usual spot.

I slid into the magnificent creation and started driving home to see my Axel. He's still possessive of me, like usual, and even makes sure another guy doesn't even blink at me. Everybody knows who we both are, they know how much power we both hold, and they all know how over protective Axel is as well.

I even remember him going on live television announcing that I was his and that nobody could touch me. He looked so serious that I even think the camera man peed himself. And guess what? He did it all with me on his shoulder.

I parked in the driveway, next to Axel's Tesla and started making my way towards the front door. Once I settled in I kicked off my heels and placed my bag onto the counter and yelled into the house, "Takeridge!"

I walked towards the kitchen and that's when I noticed it: the pink pedals.

All over the floor in a trail towards the back porch. I kept my eyes on the small candles that illuminated the pathway and noticed the sweet smell of lavender that filled the air.

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