Ghosts at Camp John Hay

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I don’t feel like walking

Around Camp John Hay at night after overtime

Lest I bump into that freaky Filipina

That gave that American serviceman

A wake-up call at five in the morning.

She might follow me at home,

Blood, mud and all

And wake me up every six

So I won’t miss the 7:20am shuttle

And an early breakfast at Jhuneco.

At night, riding taxis

From Camp John Hay to Session Road

Is frightening.

I don’t like the idea

That I’ll be paying taxi fare

For the Lady of Loakan every now and then.

She has a penchant, you see,

For riding in taxis without paying

Having photo-ops with tourists,

And showing up on MMS-ready cellphones.

Crows, I hear, are suspect too

Of being one with the supernatural.

I see then in flocks every afternoon

Perched above the pine trees and waiting for prey,

Be it living or carcass.

Whenever I pass by these crows

I imagine suddenly seeing weird things

Such as those yaoi dudes on “Yami no Matsuei”*

Or some freaky guy from some horror movie

Sneaking up me and slicing my neck.

The cemetery near VOA is suspect too.

They say that ghosts roam by the forests

Doing God-knows-what on God-knows who

And frightening little kids to sleep

Instead of watching late-night anime.

Good for me, my office

Is just near the Eco-trail

Devoid of ghosts or phantoms

With the Warbird guard dogs scattering poo around,

Nothing more, nothing less.


*“Yami no Matsuei” (Descendants of Darkness) was an anime shown before on the cable channel AXN

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