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"Good luck on the talent show today, Minji! Break a leg, literally!"

"I'll be sure to NOT do that! Thanks anyway, Minhee!"

Minhee walked out of the backstage area, with me becoming a nervous wreck again. I had to sing Twit, all by myself. I didn't feel prepared whatsoever, all I felt was that I was going to do bad.

"Let's get it for Kang Minji and Lee Eunsang singing Twit!"

What? Eunsang? I thought I was the only one performing.

"Sorry, just had to compete with you." I heard someone whisper. It was clearly Eunsang.

"You should have told me before-"

"Let's go! What's taking you so long..."

My heavy breaths soon came back, with the pressure of competing with Eunsang in the talent show. Eunsang was a WAY better singer than me, so I knew I was going to lose.

(Play video above and imagine that's Eunsang in the talent show!)

"A round of applause for the duo! You guys did extremely well together!"

All I heard was shouts and clapping all around us. Looks like I did well, after all.


"What a great day!"

"What's wrong with you? Have you gotten the hibi-jibis?"

"Let me be happy for once! I feel really good today, especially with the result in the talent show."

"Okay, I'm guessing you're hinting to me that you want me to ask Mom if you can be able to go to that carnival of yours?"

"Yes. Please. I've never been to one! Just this once."

"Fine. Wait here!"

He left me standing near the school where I was bound to see people from the talent show again. And guess what? I did.

"Hey, Eunsang! What are you doing?"

"I could be asking you the same question."

"Ah, wait. I have to call my mom for a second."

I moved to a corner, right near the parking lot of the school.

"Mom! So, can I go to the carnival?"

"Only if you take someone close to you with you. I can't trust you, you know," she chuckled.

"Ah! Thank you so much! I'm so excited!"

"Have fun, sweetie!"

I went back to my original spot, where I found Eunsang still standing, but using his phone.

"Hey, Eunsang."


"Come to the carnival with me, Eunsang!"

"Huh? What?"

"A carnival! It's quite near our school. Come with me!"

"I have to know if I have spare time though," he smiles mischievously.

"Come on! We all know that all you do at home is study and play video games. Spare some time to spend with me, will you?"

"Fine. Let's go, then?"

"To the carnival we go!"

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