Chapter 1

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Chapter One 

"We were supposed to be out of here twenty minutes ago! Where the hell is my coffee?" George snaps from his fold-up chair in front of the large white curtain that had been set up. Rolling my eyes, I turn back to the mirror, knowing it's his fault we are all still here. I loved my job and yet if you got a photographer like George, you could quickly come to hate it.

All day he has been complaining about everything from the models' hair to their makeup, all of which was perfect.

Mary-Kate beside me rolls her eyes as well, grumbling something under her breath before grabbing the eyeshadow palette on the table between me and the mirror and starts applying more to my eyelids.

"Whoever hired him needs to be fired," I say quietly, making her smile slightly and nod.

"I don't think Jennifer would appreciate that," she replies, making me laugh. Jennifer was a clothes designer, designing everything from lingerie to ballgowns. She's one of the most sought after designers in the country at the moment and we are currently shooting for the advertisements for her autumn range.

"Jennifer wouldn't appreciate what?" A soft voice interrupts, making me instantly smile, glancing over, unable to move my head with Mary-Kate's grip on my chin, to see Sky standing beside me, a wide grin on her face. She moves around to my front more, yet movement behind her makes my gaze stay where it was to see Jade and the handsome faces of Mitch, Marc and Sam. Jade is looking around in awe while the boys are trying to avoid staring at the models already standing on the curtain.

"That she needs to be fired for hiring that guy. I forgot to text you. We'll be here for a while yet." I say, making Mary-Kate grumble.

"I have a dinner reservation," she says, stepping back to inspect my face. She nods, which must be noticed by George as my name is snapped.

Sighing, I heave myself off my seat, suddenly thankful I have a silk dressing gown on to hide the lingerie I'm wearing. Having got used to wearing this on set, it feels weird with the Harrington boys here. I mean, I know they will have seen me in commercials before and I know Marc and Mitch are only interested in their girlfriends, yet it's more the bulkier, clean-shaven man standing beside them that has me blushing like a schoolgirl.

Sam Harrington has grabbed my attention from the moment I laid eyes on him. We even were in the same car to and from the studios the morning after Cole's, Sky's ex, birthday party, yet he never said anything directly to me. However, having heard him converse with the others, I know he is quiet and something about his gentle voice, which has a little huskiness to it, has me weak at the knees every time I hear it.

Avoiding the boys' gaze, I walk over to the curtain and let myself be placed in position before my dressing gown is tugged off and I can't help but lift my gaze back to the Harringtons. Mitch is talking to Sky, his eyes on her, Marc is listening to Jade talk as she points to us, his eyes following her finger, yet I can tell he likes what he sees. Somehow, however, I know it's the lingerie he's thinking off rather than us in them.

Lastly, I glance at Sam, our gazes connecting instantly and I feel like every cell in my body has come alive. He doesn't even try and hide it as his gaze lowers, running over my body with hooded eyes, leaving a trail of goosebumps in his wake.

"Wait!" A feminine voice calls out before heels click along the floor. If it wasn't for my eyes already being on Sam, I wouldn't have noticed how the three boys straighten and move their gaze towards the voice, all of them looking shocked.

Turning myself, I see the pretty brunette rushing towards me in her blue skinny jeans, heeled sandals and a pink shirt. She has a pretty girl-next-door face, which is currently frowning as she walks towards me, making me raise an eyebrow.

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