Teary, Tired

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Jimins father picked him up with no hesitation and found his son crying with sweater paws, he had his hoodie on as he saw his dad pull up and ran up to the car, got in and immediately was embraced into a hug from his old man.

His sensitivity had came from his mother. That's why both were easily angered, saddened or pleased. His father found a way to love that in his wife. He cooed as he held his son to his chest, who hiccuped and whimpered, nuzzling his head into his chest.

"It's okay, baby. Mama is making soup for you and you can have icecream for dessert tonight. Now, tell me, what happened?"

Jimin whined, not yet finished with his blabbering and crying as he pressed his forhead deeper into the elders chest, his dad noted it and hummed, brushing his fingers into his babes hair.

When Jimin was finished, he moved his head and sniffled, looking out the window. "he-he's..confused, papa. He says he's not gay but gave me kisses and clearly likes me-" Jimin sniffled, "He's taken too. 's a girlfriend."

"he's definitely bisexual." His dad said softly as Jimin nodded, frowning, his dad beginned the engine. "Lets go home, yeah?"

Jimin frowned, looking away as he soon fell asleep during the car ride because his dad stopped by to go to the market quickly. When he came back he saw Jimin still napping and smiled, he drove once again and soon made it to the small home.

He picked up Jimin and threw him
over his shoulder and walked inside the home, his son still napping. Heavy sleeper, like his father. His father hummed and went upstairs to lie his petite son down onto his bed.

He walked downstairs to see his wife and hummed, "I wonder who's the boy." He heard his wife question herself, he sighed. "Whoever it is, it's not a good match for our jimin, I tell you, our son was in tears when i found him!"

She frowned at her husband, "we'll figure it out." She said softly as her husband groped her waist. "How about less thinkin' nd more touchin'?" He smirked in her ear, she turned over and wrapped her arms around her beloved husband. "Oh, darlin', you've always been a charm!"



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