Chapter 10

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Your POV:
After Katie was done with her lawyer she told me everything they were talking about and she had convinced her lawyer that I should be able to know about the baby.

Later that day her lawyer called and gave her a court date. That was pretty fast I didn't even know that you could get a court date that fast. But the court date was set for tomorrow and I wasn't aloud to be in the court room with her. I didn't know there was a lawyer like this that even existed. But I guess she's thankful for it.

We had no time we needed to set up a room and stuff for her. I just hope that I won't be a bad parent. That's my worst fear. I don't want to disappoint Katie or Elayah. And come to think of it I don't know how old she was. Did I really want to know. She can't be that old can she. I'm really worried about Katie though. I can tell she's nervous. She's been really quite ever since we got home and she doesn't want to eat anything.

"Hey do you want to talk it's ok if you don't I'm just worried about you" I said while getting into bed. "Sorry I'm just thinking". "What are you thinking about". "We don't have anything for her we are not prepared at all I don't even know if I'm ready and I feel bad I don't even know why your still with me. How can you even still like me after this I mean I kept a child from you. A real life human being. And I didn't say anything. I'm the worst person ever. The only reason I signed that contract was because I wasn't ready to be a mom and I don't know if I still am but I regret that I did it." She said while crying a little.

"It's going to be ok. And if you want, since I'm not aloud in the courtroom while your there I can go out and get somethings for her so she at least has something when she gets here". "We don't even know if I'm going to win". "Oh your going to win because he's abusive and is clearly not stable enough to raise a child". "Yeah probably but I'm still worried". "Well I'm still going to go out and buy some stuff for her either way. And how old is she so I know what to get". "Oh I forgot to tell you that she's only 2 years old". "Oh ok. So do you want me to go get her stuff I can probably get a stroller and a pac and play and some diapers and formula and we'll go out some other time this week to get other things we need". "Yeah you should". "Ok now get some sleep because I don't want you up all night thinking about this we're going to be fine and your going to win".

"I love you". "I love you too". I kissed her on the forehead and then we went to sleep.

The day after the court date
Obviously Katie won. When I saw her baby she was so beautiful she looked exactly like Katie. The court also said that we should get a restraining order for Tom. He's going to jail for I don't know how long and they got someone else to play her husband on the show.

"Babe can you get her she's crying again". "Yeah I'll get her in a second hold on" I said while turning off the tv.

"Come here Elayah it's going to be ok no need to cry I'm right here" I said while holding her. She stopped crying as soon as I started walking to my bed. "Wow your better than me at this parenting thing". "No I'm not". "Then why does she stop crying for you so quickly". "I guess I'm her favorite" I said while laughing. "No your not" she said before laughing.

"I'm going to wait for her to go back to sleep and then go tuck her in". "Ok I'll wait with you then". "No go to sleep I know your exhausted you had a long day yesterday". "I'm ok I swear I just want to spend any time I have with you". "And why is that". "Because I love you". "I love you too let me go put her back in her room and I'll be back".

I put Elayah to sleep and me and Katie stayed up a little longer talking and then we finally went to sleep.

A/n: this took a long time to update and I'm sorry it's short the story is not even that good so I'm going to make another story on here.

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