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killramona: mbn to come up with the perfect caption 😔

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killramona: mbn to come up with the perfect caption 😔

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lilpump: beautiful as always ❤️

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riconasty: it would really be one of those days 😔

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dojacat: my favorite fetus!!
    ↪️ baddiejay: not fetus 😭
     ↪️ kennybeats: did you fucking just say-

rhemedy: pretty lady
     ↪️ killramona: pretty mamas

ynwmelly: sexy ass
  ↪️ killramona: ugly ass

theslumpgod: young ass little sis
     ↪️ killramona: musty ass older brother

hollyhoodlib: so pwetty

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wolfjames: #protecctheesmolchild 😔
   ↪️ killramona: #sdhuluke 😔

xxxtentacion: Mon tout et même plus. Je t'aime beaucoup.

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lla.luna: You used Google translate for this didn't you?
   ↪️ xxxtentacion: why are you so loud? 😭

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brazynayy: today's just bully Jahseh day
    ↪️ king_harris_08: pretty much 🤣
↪️ cooliecut: this shit happens every single day, ain't nothing new. 😂

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princetonperez: I was told about you by a friend of mine, maybe we can link and make music together.
   ↪️ killramona: umm, okay that's cool but who the hell are you?!


laylonie: yup, you're a fetus
     ↪️ killramona: 😑🖕🏽

itsstarfire: no childhood whatsoever
   ↪️ killramona: bitch, I'm older than you fym

brazynayy: you deadass don't know who Princeton is?! Have you ever listened to Mindless Behavior in your life?!
   ↪️ killramona: 😔 mbn to listen to Mindless Behavior.

angvish: wow
    ↪️ killramona: wow yourself the fuck outta my mentions bitch.
  ↪️ angvish: pressed sis? All I did was say wow. Dramatic ass. 🤣
  ↪️ killramona: I'ma press my boot upside your head if you trying my patience.
  ↪️ angvish: bitch you a size 3 in pixie sprite, don't do this.

brazynayy: bitches just really wanna try us huh?
  ↪️ angvish: ain't nobody trying shit! Ramona just in her feelings for no reason 🤣

killramona: when I catch your demonic looking ass lacking, keep that same energy.
       ↪️ angvish: PRESSEDT

kingcombs: umm. What just happened?

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