Part 4

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"Who is it?!" Zach yelled.
"Jonah, what's going on down there that the red light has to be on?" Jonah asked.
"I was just rehearsing the new song," Zach yelled.
"Ok is Jack down there, Y/N has been looking for him," Jonah yelled and Zach looked at me.
"No He left earlier," Zach yelled.
"His car is still herw tho?" Jonah questioned
"He took an uber," Zach yelled.
"Ok I'll tell her," Jonah said and I got up and got dressed.
"Where you going?" Zach asked.
"Y/N's here so I'm gonna go hang with her," I said and Zach sighed.
"Ok," Zach tryed to say with a smile but failed.
"I like you alot too Zach," I said and walked upstairs. I opened the door slightly and no one was in the kitchen so I went out the back door and went around the front. When I opened the front door Y/N was standing right there.
"Hey babe were you aboit to leave," I asked and she rolled her eyes.
"Where were you?" She asked.
"The Mall I thought we were gonna meet?" I questioned and Y/N rolled her eyes again.
"We never planned to meet up," Y/N said.
"Oh well I texted you," I said and Y/N checked her phone.
"Jack Im ao sorry I had classes this morning thats why I didn't see it," Y/N said and hugged me.
"Why do you smell like Zach?" She asked.
"I borrowed his cologne," I said and Y/N smiled.
"Cute," She said and gave me a quick kiss before leaving.
"When is this gonna end?" I said lowly and Zach poked his head out the kitchen.
"Its not gonna end," Zach said and walked up to our room. I sighed and tryed to think of a solution.

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