Midoriya Izuku Ft. Uraraka Ochako

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He loved (L/n) (Y/n) with every fiber in his being, but there was always this one little problem.
Uraraka Ochako.
It had come to Midoriya's attention that the bubbly girl liked him, which was obviously a problem. (Y/n) understood that the other girl like Izuku and now she was avoiding him and just hanging around Yaoyorozu and Jiro. This made Uraraka extremely happy, knowing that she could finally have Izuku all to herself. However, Izuku wasn't having any of that. He was pissed off. He had spent all of that time getting close to (Y/n) so she could be his and now all of his effort was being washed down the drain by some brat. He wasn't going to give up so easily though, not anytime soon either.
He wanted (Y/n), and he wanted her soon.
Besides, it's not like Uraraka didn't know about his affections towards (Y/n). They were obvious right? Izuku decided he would confront Uraraka about it, letting her know that he was not going to let her tear down his love for (Y/n).
Well, apparently she didn't know.
"You... love her?"
The expression she made would have scared anyone, but not Izuku.
"Yes, which is why I need you to leave me and (Y/n) alone." He was serious and he wasn't backing down.
She was quiet before letting out a small laugh. She walked out of the classroom, not saying another word. Izuku thought his nightmare was finally over.
Oh how wrong he was.


Uraraka didn't want to hurt (Y/n), she really didn't, but at this point she had no choice. She knew that Izuku should have been the one she was targeting, but she came after the unsuspecting (Y/n) first. The young girl pressed her shy rival against the wall, a knife pressed against her neck. (Y/n) let out a scared yelp and distantly Uraraka could hear begging to be put down.
"Why are you-"
"Deku loves you more than me, that's why. You're in the way."
A small glint of guilt could be seen in her eyes as she brought her knife back before swinging. It didn't get the chance to hit (Y/n) because a strong yet scarred hand grabbed it and knocked the butt of the blade against Uraraka's head. She let out a pained yelp, stepping back a few feet.
It was, of course, Midoriya Izuku.

"I warned you, Ochako Uraraka." He stepped towards her, readying his quirk.
"You should have listened."

I personally ship Tsuchako but it was requested so...
Who do you guys think I ship Deku with?

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