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rhemedy: tryna be the next Skylar Diggins, but turns out that I became a Kawhi 2

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rhemedy: tryna be the next Skylar Diggins, but turns out that I became a Kawhi 2.0.

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kawhielite: 😐
   ↪️rhemedy: 😐

tylerthecreator: that spin was boss ASF.

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zendaya: a whole entire goddess 😍

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joeybadass: you look like a whole entire dessert banquet ❤️
   ↪️rhemedy: as I should 😘

natyrez__: with your sexy ass

leezahhhh: 🤤 body on fleek, lemme get a taste

cayy.benji: lemme drive da boat.

graciii3: yk if Joey ain't acting right you can always come over to my place right?
   ↪️joeybadass: excuse me?!

realberniceburgos: you lucky that you around my daughter's age because girl....that body!

laniblair: giving me body, face and melanin! Not to mention the ponytail laid too, bitch I'm wet 😭

yellowdol: a whole slim thicc qween 😍

killramona: why is it always you that gets hit on by girls constantly?!
    ↪️rhemedy: ion know 😭

yrnoffset: threesome with me and Cardi?
    ↪️ iamcardib: Screw that shit, I want a threesome with @rhemedy and Rihanna.

aminé: looking like a sexy ass almond joy.

hollyhoodlib: these comments are wild asl 💀

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realteannatrump: DM me for some special purposes.
    ↪️ official_abella_danger: no, FT me, I wanna see your beautiful self

    ↪️realkiranoir: uh uh, link up with me for one day.

    ↪️therealjcashmere: I'll literally come outta retirement just to do a scene with you!

   ↪️katt__leya: Message me on Only Fans bby 😘

hahadavis: you a baddie baddie 😍
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flippdinero: bad lil jawn 😍
    ↪️joeybadass: watch where you put those heart eyes at bruh

trinabanks: ended LeBron!

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baddiejay: you real good at basketball though.
   ↪️rhemedy: it's kinda like a real life NBA 2k.

lla.luna: Me encanta cómo las chicas te golpean cuando eres heterosexual.
   ↪️rhemedy: así como niggas locos te golpean a pesar del hecho de que eres lesbiana.
    ↪️ xxxtentacion: Dora the explorer didn't teach me this shit 😭😔

wifisfuneral: come be with a real nigga instead.
   ↪️ joeybadass: go be with some soap and water instead of being in my girl's comments section.

trinabanks: Are we gonna ignore the fact that Xxxtentacion dumbass blamed Dora Marquez for being terrible at Spanish?

    ↪️ brazynayy: Her real name ain't Dora The explorer?! My childhood a whole lie 😭 what's next?! Hello Kitty ain't a real cat?!

  ↪️ iamlucascoly: Nobody tell Monayy about the truth on Hello Kitty.

jinaci: 어느 날 나와 함께 떡볶이 같이 네 엉덩이를 먹을거야.

wwemandyrose: Ew.
          ↪️ killramona: you must be talking about that crusty lacefront that's about to commit suicide from your see sawing hairline.
    ↪️ lla.luna: you must be talking about that ugly ass face, ol' Percy from Thomas the tank engine ass bitch.

hollyhoodlib: these YT WWE females are so anti black women but they wanna be with black men all the time.
   ↪️ trinabanks: it's literally so tied.

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realevamarie: 🤔🤨 last thing I remember, Rheme isn't even black.
   ↪️ rhemedy: you and that party city wig tried it! I'm a whole afro latina since my Dominican mother is a whole entire black woman. While my father is a whole Yoruban and Polynesian, ya know...two ethnicities that have black people in there you dumbass bitch!
  ↪️ iamcardib: these retarded ass snow bunnies think that black people come from America when there's a whole diasporic culture filled with black people from different ethnicities. Acting like there ain't black Latinos or black Polynesians. Bitch, you got me fucked up!
  ↪️ sza: I'm literally a whole black latina myself, am I not black myself? You really need to shut the entire fuck up with that bullshit and go back to selling your bootlegged Fashion show outfits.
  ↪️beyoncé: there are multiple shades of black people everywhere, alongside the different cultures and ethnicities. This statement was not only distasteful but, it was down right ignorant. Beyhive, I'ma need y'all to humble this redhead redneck IMMEDIATELY.
   ↪️ nickiminaj: this is why nobody likes y'all white wwe bitches fr 🙄, y'all Trump supporting unseasoned ass bitches always got something to say when it don't involve y'all. You over here hating on this beautiful woman and for what?! Get the fuck off the internet and fix yourself, starting with that crimson chin of yours.

realcodyrhodes: WWE > AEW and that's all I gotta say

yungmiami305: Whoever wanna have problems with Rheme can pull up! Mandy, Eva Marie, ion care. Y'all may wrestle bitches but I actually fight hoes. Play with ya mothers not me!

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tazsangels: yakwtfgo #bblu alert

artisticcurves: ❤️

trinabanks: I feel like we may have to start fighting bitches soon.
    ↪️ lla.luna: tbh

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