Chuckling, Blue looked down at Arayah, "tell ya hardheaded ass mama that I gotchu, cause she buggin out." He kissed her forehead.

"I'm serious, Q." Ava said emotionally, causing him to make eye contact with her.

"Me too. I'll never let anything happen to my daughter, you know dat. Plus, I got Zay, Simon, Charmaine, Heather, your mom. I could go on, but I don't need to because I know my baby is in good hands with me. You should never have worry about that, and you could always come see her, depending on what college you go to."

"You're right... I just needa think this all the way through. I guess I'm just so traumatized from not having my mom in my life and I don't want the same for my child."

"Listen A, yo situation and Arayah's situation is not the same. Don't worry about that, Ight? It ain't like she'll grow up and hate you for that. Just go to college and do yo thing." Blue said, convincingly. "You know I always got your back."

"Thank you, I appreciate that."


Ava sighed. She didn't know what her next move was going to be. "I don't wanna leave my baby while she's young. What if she don't  remember me? A baby needs their mother."

Blue could see where Ava was coming from and he totally understood why she felt the way she did, but he couldn't do nothing but keep it real with her. "It's up to you. I'm on what you on," he said. "I honestly think you're over thinking it."

Ava nodded, "right."

"It's good that you wanna do somethin for yourself, though. I admire that, straight up."

"Thank you," she leaned over to kiss his cheek.

"You're welcome," he watched as she got off the bed and walked inside the bathroom. The way she looked from the back brought ideas to his mind that would get her pregnant again. It didn't help that she had extra weight on her ass.

As Ava walked into the bathroom she looked in the mirror and cringed. "I look a hot ass mess," she mumbled brushing her matted hair.

"Nah, you look good." Blue said.

"You just tryna say that, but I really need a make over." She sighed, "and I need to get in the gym."

"Gym!?" Blue exaggerated. "Shorty, you definitely don't need a gym."

"Q, look at my fucking thighs." She laughed, grabbing them. "I look like Squidward when he ate too many krabby patties."

"Thank Arayah, cause you look like a krabby patty that I wanna eat." He licked his lips at her as she faced the mirror.

"You are so annoying," she smiled.

"Deadass. That ass is perfect and I'll— yeah just know that you look good, very good."

"Nah, finish what you were about to say. You'll what?"

"Not while my daughter right here, are you crazy?"

Chuckling, Ava grabbed her facial cleansing cream and rubbed it on her face. "Did I ever tell you what happened with Zay and Vanessa?" She changed the subject.

"Nah, what happened?"

"Their together now."

"For real? I thought they were just kickin it."

"They were but the day I put Arayah's crib together I called Vanessa over to help me, she came, we put it together blah, blah, blah. So after we were finished we began talking. I forgot what we're talking about, but as soon as I mentioned Zay, she started acting all sad and shit so I asked her what was wrong, right?"

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