34 Her Eyes

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I hummed quietly as we walked along a well worn path. We could hear the village below us as we walked. I adjusted my hood so it was covering my hair better and scanned the village. It was a larger one, filled with shops and homes on the outer edges. From my view everyone seemed happy.

"This looks like an amazing village!" Yoon breathed.

"It's a small Island," Hak reminded her. "It doesn't produce much of anything, so the Kingdoms haven't really fought over it. They all want it for show, but no one really cares."

Yoon nodded. "It doesn't really belong to any Kingdom, it's just there."

"Really?" Yona gasped. I smiled softly at her reaction as we stepped into the village. Several people watched us curiously, but i sensed no hostility in their eyes.

"Hello! Are you travelers?" A Man asked kindly. He smiled at us.

"Yes we are!" Yona smiled back at him. Kija watched the people nervously. Hak and Jaeha were already arguing over something while Zeno cheered by them. Shinah stood silently by my side.

"You're certainly a lively group of travelers!" he laughed. "D you need a place to spend the night?" He glanced back at the people.

"Yes please, could you show us to an inn?" Hak interjected politely.

I smiled as i watched a group of small children run around.

"We can show them!" The children cheered.

"Very well, my daughter and her friends will show you to one of our lovely inns."

The girl in front ran up and grabbed my hand while the others were pushed along.

"What's your name?" The girl tugging my hand asked. I heard the other children pestering the others already. Most of the onlookers were laughing.


"Luna is a pretty name!" She grinned up at me and abruptly dropped my hands. I stepped back. "Oh my your eyes are so pretty!" She squealed.

"Thank you." I smiled at the excitable young girl. I gasped as i was attacked from behind.

"I wanna see! I wanna see!" The children chanted.

My hood flew off my head as the children bounced around me. My silver hair flashed in the sunlight as my eyes widened.

It was dead silent the children stopped moving and the villagers stared at me. I yanked my hood back over my head and backed up so i was beside Shinah. The silence intensified for a few seconds before we were suddenly surrounded by excited villagers. I gasped in shock as they crowded us. Shinah grabbed my hand and pulled me to his chest before i could be swept away in the crowd.

"It's her! Just like he said!" Someone cheered.

The kind man shoved his way in front of me and he bowed, the village quickly followed suit. "Please forgive us, we've been expecting you. Please allow s to show you and your friends to our finest inn!"

"M-me?" I stuttered in shock. I glanced at Yona, she shrugged. "Um, sure. Thank you."

The villagers whispered loudly as we were led to a large inn. My eyes widened as i noticed the fancy work and gardens.

"Hey, sir, we cant afford this." Yoon told the man bluntly. The man grinned.

"Of course not! We wont charge you a thing!"

I couldn't help but notice how his eyes flicked towards me as he spoke. I adjusted my hood uncomfortably. 

Once he left us alone in our room (I'd had to ask for only one), i relaxed.

"That was...weird." Jaeha admitted.

"This village reminds me of yours white snake." Hak commented.

"That's not true! My village was much more civilized!"

"They acted about the same just towards Luna." Yona corrected him.

I leaned against a wall. "That was nerve wracking." I muttered. "People have never celebrated me before."

"There's something we clearly don't know about." Yoon rubbed his head. "But we should try to avoid letting them see Luna for now."

We all stopped talking as someone knocked on the door. "Hello, i'm here with some more bed sheets!" A female called out.

Hak opened the door slightly to accept them.

"Are any of you hungry? We're throwing a party tonight! Is there anything in particular anyone here likes?"

We all exchanged glances. "A party?" Yona asked.

"Yes! A large one! You should all come!"

"Will there be lots of food?" Zeno asked hopefully.

The girl glanced at me. "There'll be tons! anything you want we'll have!"

"Apples." Yoon stated.

"What?" Jaeha, Kija, and Hak all stared at him blankly. "Can we have some apples?" Yoon asked, he flashed me the slightest smile.

"Of course! I'll be right back!" The girl took off.

"Apples?" Kija asked.

"Luna likes apples. If she'd asked we would've been overrun with them." Yoon huffed. I smiled softly.

A few minutes later the girl entered our room with two large bowls.

"We didn't know if you wanted them pre-cut or just washed so we got both!" She cheered. I stood and took the larger bowl from her. 

"Thank you. That was very kind of you."

"O-oh it, it really wasn't, well its alright thankyou!" She spun and raced out of the room.

I felt my face heat up. "Did i...do that?" I asked.

"Well she was fine until you talked to her." Hak pointed out. I glared at him.

"So are we going to sit in this room all day?" Jaeha sighed. I laughed lightly.

"No. Lets go get some air."

"I'll come..." I smiled at Shinah as he stood. I glanced away and reached into my bag to put on my black hood.

"If we all go in a group i think we'll be found really quickly, so im going to just go explore." I informed them as i slipped some apples into a small bag.

"Someone should go with you Luna," Yona protested, "Just so you can avoid  people easier."

"I'll go with her." jaeha winked as he grabbed my hand and winked at me. I pulled my hand away.

"Shinah can see people coming though." Yoon pointed out.

"I'll go with hak!" Yona smiled as Hak coughed a little.

"I'll go with the lass!" Zeno cheered as he latched onto Yoon.

"I'll go with Jaeha." Kija decided. I shrugged.

"Okay. Lets meet up back here before the festival."

"Sounds good!" Everyone chorused.

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