Young Love (A SHINee Fan Fic) Chapter Twenty Nine

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 I stood up and held my hand out. She took it and I picked her up like a baby.
"So where were you going to go?
"To eat breakfast."
"But I'm hungry." I bit my lip. "Doooon't say it." I smiled.
"What was I going to say?" I asked.
"Something pervertive." I laughed a little.
"princess, we have officially passed the pervertive stage." She laughed and I started walking.  
"Come on. Let's go eat." I started walking down the hallway.
"Haven't you already eaten." She said smiling.
"Oh so you can be nasty but I can't?"
"Hey, you did it, not me."
"Well you wanted me to."
"Yes I did. And I'm happy you did it."
"As am I." I smiled. "Wait. I should probably...brush my teeth before we eat." She laughed a little.
"Yeah." I walked into the bathroom and started brushing my teeth.
All of a sudden, the door flung open and Tammie came running in, slamming the door. I raised my eye brows.
"I have to pee and Minho's hogging the other bathroom." I nodded.
She pulled her shorts down and sat down, and looked at me.
"Are you going to turn around?" She asked. I smiled and crossed my arms and leaned against the counter. We sat there for a few minutes and she sighed.
"Jonghyun I can't pee with you watching me!"
"I've already seen everything there is to see baby."
"So! Turn around." I smiled and reached behind me, and turned on the sink water. She whined.
"Jongiiiiiiiiie!" I smiled and took my toothbrush out of my mouth and spit, rinsed it off, and put it up.
"I'm going to stand here until you pee."
"But I don't want you watching me." I sat up on the counter.
"Your going to pee." She stuck out her tounge and stood up and pulled her shorts back up.
I jumped up and stood infront of the door. She crossed her arms.
"Move." She said. I smiled.
"Kiss me." She whispered. I smiled.
"Pee." I whispered back. She whined.
"If I pee will you kiss me." I nodded. She sighed and walked back and pulled her shorts down and sat.
"You can do it." She sighed and started.
When she was done she washed her hands and walked back to me.
"That was sooo awkward! I hate you."
"Love you too princess." We walked to the kitchen.
She walked over to the counter and started eating some Hello Panda.
I walked behind her and pressed her against the counter and started kissing her neck.
"This seems familiar." She said.
"That night I punched you."
"Hmm. I forgot how that went." I said, still kissing her neck.
"Should I remind you?" I nodded.
"Let's see if I can remember. Taemin. I thought you were asleep." I smiled and shook my head.
She turned around and wrapped her arms around my neck and started kissing me. I started grinding my hips against hers. She pulled back.
"Jonghyun?" She said sarcastically. "You have ten seconds to get off of me."
"Okay." I started grinding my hips really hard against hers and she started moaning.
"Jongie." She whispered in my ear.
"Yes baby?"
"I love you." I smiled and pulled away.
"Love you too princess." She walked back to my room and changed into pants, and we walked back to the kitchen where Taemin and ____ were sitting. Taemin sniffled and Tammie rolled her eyes.
I smiled and started kissing her. Taemin punched the table. Tammie pulled back.
"Jongie, I'm hungry." I smiled.
"I'll make you eggs and bacon."
" American breakfast?" I smiled and pulled her to me.
"Yup. Just for you." I pressed my lips against hers, and she pulled back.
"But...I'm Korean."
"So." She laughed a little.
"I'm going to the living room."
"Okay. Do you need help?" She shook her head and got up. She almost fell over and I grabbed her waist and laughed a little.
"God Jongie. What did you do to me?" I laughed and pecked her cheek and she practically waddled to the living room. I laughed a little.

Tammie's POV:
I sat down on the couch and started watching Fantasy Star Couple Finals. After a few minutes, Taemin walked in and sat next to me.
"Yoona?" I sighed.
"What?" I said, not taking my eyes off of the TV.
"C-can we talk??"
"P-please Yoona?" I sighed.
"I miss you. A lot."
"That's great. What do you want me to do about it?"
"I-I want you back."
"Taemin. You had me. You lost me." His bit his lip to keep from crying.
"Y-Yoona. P-please. I-I still love you so m-much."
"Taemin. J-just stop. Please. I know you love me, but you keep hurting me."
"And I don't mean to. Just...I can't live without you Yoona." I blinked and a tear ran down my face. He wiped it away and I got up.
"What's wrong Yoona? With your...walking?"
"I don't think you want to know." He sighed.
I walked back to the kitchen and I heard him start crying.
I sat back on the counter.
Jonghyun turned around smiling. When he saw that I was upset, he wrapped his arms around me and set me onto the counter.
"Ssshhh princess." He kissed my forehead.
"Tell me what's wrong."
"Taemin k-keeps t-telling me that he loves me a-and, I-I..."
"Baby, don't cry." He turned around and grabbed a plate. "You need to eat princess." I nodded and we ate and then went to his room.

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