Young Love (A SHINee Fan Fic) Chapter Twenty One

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"Let's watch a movie. In here." I nodded and put in Ten Things I Hate About You. It was Yoona's choice.

Half way through, he heard Key moaning. I banged on the wall.

"SHUT UP!WERE TRYING TO WATCH A MOVIE AND WE CAN HEAR YOU GUYS!" I yelled. He just kept moaning and we turned the volume up.

Yoona sighed and scooted closer to me and put her head on my chest. After a few minutes, her breathing got slower, and she fell asleep.

I started playing with her hair. I looked at her and smiled to myself.

"You are so beautiful." I whispered, then kissed her forehead. I sighed, and Jonghyun came in.

"Taeminah, there is a SUJU party tonight. We're leaving in an hour." I nodded. He left and I lightly shook her.

"Yoona. Yoona wake up."

"Hmmm." She tightened her arms around me.

"Come on. You need to get ready for the Super Junior party." She shot up.

"Super Junior?" I nodded and she jumped out of bed and ran to the closet. She pulled out a short light pink dress with a hot pink ribbon around it, and threw it on.

"Can you pick something for me to wear sweetie?" She nodded and got out white skinny jeans with a black shirt with a white tiger on it and threw it at me.

"Thank you."

"Welcome!" She said, running into the bathroom. I got dressed and followed her.

She was doing her make up, and I wrapped my arms around her from behind and set my head on her shoulder. She smiled and put her hands on top of mine.

I kissed her neck and she closed her eyes.

"Taemin. Not now." 

"Hmm. Why not baby?"

"Because. I need to get ready."

"It's just Super Junior."

"It's also Heechul." I sighed. and took my lips off her neck.

"What's wrong Taemin?"


"Taemin Oppa?" I sighed.

"Why do you like Heechul so much?" She smiled and turned so that she was facing me, and wrapped her arms around my neck.

"You're not jealous, are you?"

"No." She pecked my lips.

"You sure?"

I bit my lip. "Well, a little."

"Taeminah. He's just a good friend. Don't worry. I still love you the most." I smiled and kissed her lips and slipped my tongue into her mouth.

"Mmm. Taemin not right now." I sighed and laid my head on her chest and pouted. She messed with my hair and I licked her cleavage, but she lightly pushed me away and smiled.

"Taemin?" I crossed my arms.


"I love you."

"I love you too." I mumbled. She lifted up my chin.

"Your so cute." I whined and she kissed my cheek, then she finished getting ready.

When we got to the party, Yoona immediately started looking for Heechul. I put my arm around her waist and pulled her to me.

"Calm down Yoona." I said smiling. She sighed. Then Heechul came running up behind her, picked her up from behind and spun her around, and they started laughing.

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