Chapter 3

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You stood on the roof next to Tris, glad that your giant belly was gone since you had given birth only a week ago. A cute boy that you called Jay, who had a full head of (h/c) hair. Both you and Tris stayed quiet as you stared at the view until Uriah joined in. You smiled at him and he smiled back before looking at Tris. (I need more of Uriah in the movies... He was such a good character and in all honesty, I didn't like the movie version... Keiynan Lonsdale seems like he is a great actor, but he didn't seem to fit the book version in my opinion)

"Where's your scary boyfriend?" He asked and Tris sighed. You scrunched your nose up as Tris answered with a small shrug.

"Mind if I joined you 2?" He asked and both of you nodded.

"I love heights... Up here everything seems much smaller, you know. I know it sounds crazy, but... Sometimes I think I see lights out beyond the wall. I know they it's all just wasteland out there but... We can't be the only ones left. Can we?" He asked and you both looked at him. Suddenly, a loud shot was heard and glass started to shatter around you. Cables were followed and you noticed people standing there, ready to slide down.

"Shi- Run!" You exclaimed, pushing them away from the balcony. You all ran as hard as you could.

"Weapon closet?" "On the ground floor!" You yelled back to Tris. People started slinging from the buildings next to you and behind you, some that you recognized from Dauntless training. They landed on your building and Uriah immediately lunged at the person while you and Tris hid as another man started shooting again. Uriah started shooting at people who were approaching before being shot in his shoulder, making both you and Tris gasp. Another shot was heard and you both looked up to see 3 men sliding down the cables in front of you. They were shooting at you while sliding down, making Tris and you start to run again. You pushed her inside and closed the door, ducking as bullets making holes in the door just above you. Tris got up, grabbed a hammer that hung from the wall and locked the door with it before both of you made your way down the stairs. You then ran into someone else and you saw several woman dressed in white nightgowns. You were going to say something, but shots were heard once again and the woman started to fall down. You saw Tris get shot and fall down the stairs and decided to play dead, falling down to the ground quickly. The sound of footsteps that ran past you and everyone else. You felt someone step on your wrist and silently hissed, trying to not move. 

"Coast clear, moving out!" A guard yelled and the footsteps started to disappear very slowly until they were completely gone. Silence filled the stairway and you opened your eyes before sitting up.

"Mommy! Mommy!" A small voice yelled and you looked back to see a small girl in a white nightgown with short curly hair. You shushed her and made your way to her as she asked if her mother was hurt. You noticed something shiny on her collarbone and frowned, before noticing that you had one to on your arm.

"You see? It's okay. It's just something to help you go to sleep." You explained and the girl nodded. You heard Tris stand up and told her to come over.

"See, she has one too." You said, pointing at Tris' shoulder. Tris crouched next to you and held the child's shoulder softly.

"I need you to do us a favor... You have to go to the top of the stairs and..." "Don't come down until your mom comes and gets you." You finished and the girl nodded.

"Can you do that?" Tris asked and the girl nodded once again.

"Be brave, okay?" You said before pushing her gently to the opposite side where she should go. You followed Tris downstairs and through the doors until you stood in a large room, filled with people sleeping on the ground. People were shooting at people who were still awake and you hid behind the wall opposite of where Tris stood before walking through the room and towards to the weapon room. You slammed your hands against the metal door. Tris did the same and groaned.

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