-26: ENDING-

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Jennie POV
I can't do something to Lisa, I can't help her, I can't fulfil Kook's wants.

My friends are in pain too, and also me.

"Please stop." I said while crying.

"Don't Cry Jen." Hanbin said and he wiped my tears. "I don't want to see you crying."

"Don't to-touch he-he-her." Lisa huskly said.

"Beat her up, until she can't speak." he said and they punch Lisa so bad.

Then after a minute, they stop and we heard a police.

Ughh, thank god, Nayeon followed my orders on her.

"Boss, there's a lot of police outside, we need to go now." one of his member said.

"You guys can go now." he said and they nodded.

I saw him pick his gun, and he point it to Lisa.

"I don't want to leave without killing you." he said and he shoot Lisa many times.

I can't move my feet, because Hanbin hit it.

I saw Lisa fall on to the ground and the police came in, they arrested Hanbin, with his comrades.

"LISA!." I said to went to her.

I put her head on my lap and she's full of blood.

"Call an fucking ambulance!." I shouted and they nodded.

"I-i-i L-lo-love you." she last said and I saw her closed eyes.

I cried so hard and I keep saying her name.

"LISA YAH!" I shout.

We bring her at the hospital and she's stable, but when I got outside the hospital suddenly burned, the patients got survived and workers too, but Lisa is still there, they didn't let me go there because its dangerous, until the hospital collapse.

I just cried and I didn't do anything for her.

1 yr later.

I went to Thailand alone, I rented an house and I'm spending my vacation here.

It's been a year when Lisa died got accident inside the hospital , and the pain she leave is still here in my heart.

While I'm  looking at the sky I didn't notice a car was going to hit me, luckily he didn't hit me.

He went outside and help me, he telling me that he will bring me to the hospital, I told him that its okay, I got a trauma in Hospital because of what happen last year ago.

When a two people came out the car.

A woman looks like Lisa carry me and throw me to the side. Even she's look like Lisa, they're still fucking not the same.

"Yah!." I angrily said.

"If she don't want your help driver Simon, don't push her, just throw her away." she ignorantly said.

"Let's go." she said and went inside of the car.

And handsome man came closer to me.

"I'm sorry about what my sister did to you, here's the money, sorry for everything." he said and he handed me the money.

He hop on the car and they left me sitting on the ground.

I look at the sky while sitting at the ground.

(Insert Farewell Song hehez, palitan nyo nlng ng love yung friend hahah.)

Even we are meant to be as a enemy, We learn to love each other, and I believe with this, "The more you hate, the more you love." Because you can't hate her for a year, you can be best friend, or a lover.

I wish that you will be happy jungkook, wherever you guys are.

I'm happy to be with you, and all of the memories we create for many years.

This memories will never fade, even i forget your name now, I'm still love you from the bottom of my heart.

I love you Lisa, I will take care of your family and your pet as well.


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