Oh Shit

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The first thing Kara realized when she wakes up is, she's not in her room. Tho the bed she is sleeping on does feeling oddly familiar so as the ceiling she's looking at now. Kara turns to her side.

Her wife is sleeping next to her.

The brunette is naked.

Kara chuckled. I guess I'm still dreaming, she thought. Calmly, she wrapped her arms around the brunette. Without even thinking twice, the blonde buried her face in her wife's neck. Inhaling the sweet smell of her wife. She couldn't help but smile.

Wow, dreams nowadays sure seem so real, she innocently whispered to herself. Feeling the gentle heartbeat of her wife, Kara look at Lena's bare breasts. Mischievous smile appears on her face.

Since this is just a dream, it wouldn't hurt to have a little fun, right?

Bitting her lower lips, the blonde brings her lips closer to the pointy nipple in front of her. Kara starts to suck at Lena's nipple. Twirling it around with her tongue. Allowing her hand to play with the other nipple. A soft moan comes out of Lena's mouth.

Again, it is weird how this all feels so real.

Slowly, Lena's eyes flutter open. The brunette had to blink a few times before her eyes were able to focus on her surrounding. Seeing a blonde playing with her breasts isn't something she expected to see so early in the morning. Her mind tried to make sense of the position she is in right now. Once all her gears started to work, the brunette smiled.

"I thought you had enough fun last night, dear husband.", She teased.

Immediately, Kara looks up at her wife.  What last night? , she questioned in her head. Suddenly, all that happened on the previous night come rushing into her head.

Oh shit, this is not a dream.

The blonde's eyes widen in horror! She rolls off the bed until she fell face-first onto the floor. Lena squeezes her eyes shut when she heard the loud thump. Slowly, opening her eyes, the brunette peeks at her husband.

"Ouch, that must have hurt. Are you..."

Lena crawl to the edge of the bed to have a closer look at Kara. Eyes widen in horror, her body shivering in shock. The blonde doesn't look too good.

"Okay?", the brunette decided to finish her words anyway.

Still, in not convinced by the rush of memories that are flooding her mind, Kara merely answers with a slight nod. Obviously, a lie.

Her wife's face flash with worries. The brunette bites her lower lips as guilt shine in her eyes.

"Is it your thigh? I knew I shouldn't bite that hard! I'm so sorry, Kara .."

If her eyes could pop out of their holes, Kara swears it would be rolling down on her face right that exact moment. The sex... The garden ... Everything was not a dream...

The blonde blush at the thought.

"N-no... Last night was amazing, truly mind-blowing... Ummm... Could you just... Eh.. give me something to cover my body?', requested Kara. Rolling off the bed just to kiss the floor while being naked is not the best decision she had made.

Lena wrapped herself with her blanket before rushing to grab a nightgown from her closet.

"Here you go.", she says as she hands the gown to Kara.

While trying her best to cover her breasts and intimate part with her hands, Kara weakly takes the gown from her wife. Lena, on the other hand, couldn't help but smirk.

"No need to worry, wife. Nothing I haven't seen before.", teased her.

Kara is literally a breathing red tomato at this point. Quick enough, the blonde slide the gown on her body. She doesn't know if it is because she used too much energy last night or is it because she can feel Lena lustfully looking at her, but, her legs are feeling awfully sluggish right now.

Slowly, the blonde sat down on the bed.

A moment of silence filled the room.

"So we had sex...", stated Kara as if she is trying to convince herself. Sensing the seriousness in her voice, the smirk on Lena's face immediately fades. The brunette sat down next to the blonde.

"Yes, we did."

"And you're still here... You didn't run away from me."

"Awe, Kara... How can I? I think... I...", Lena seems to hesitate for a while.

Her eyes keep changing its focus, trying desperately not to look at the blonde next to her. Eventually, the brunette manages to gather enough courage to grab Kara's hand and put it on her chest.

Kara can feel the rapid heartbeat of her wife. What does this suppose to mean? Could it be... It can't be that, right? The blonde look at the blushing brunette next to her.

"I hope this can explain it to you."

Lena says as she holds Kara's hand a little tighter. Her wife, on the other hand, is trying her best to proses this newly found information. This... It feels too good to be true so, the blonde did the only thing that comes across her mind.

"Hey, Lena..."


"I-I love you."




The blonde was surprised when her wife suddenly pulls her into one passionate kiss. Almost automatically Kara kisses her back. Gently, Lena rests their forehead together as she pulls away from the kiss.

"I love you too, dummy."

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