22 - Caught

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I walked in nervously towards the door to the witch's office. I played with my fingers nervously as I kept my head down and controlled my breathing before I approached the thick blurred window door and saw her name at the top.

Merideth H. Catch
World renowned Physician.

I mentally scoffed at that. The only thing she's 'World renowned' for is between her fucking legs. I swear, everybody has seen it. I wouldn't be surprised if Stevie Wonder had seen it, hell, I wouldn't be surprised if Ghandi seen it.

I opened the door without knocking and slammed it shut behind me to catch her attention. Her head shot up with wide eyes but turned it into a scowl at the sight of me.

"You," she growled.

I smirked at how irritated she was and we haven't even started. "Me," I said calmly.

"What the fuck are you doing in my goddamn office?" She hissed.

"Wondering why the fuck you decided to hurt me this past year," I said confidently, but I honestly think it came out as a whimper.

She chuckled humorlessly at me and dropped her pen, "You think I'm ever going to tell you that shit?" She smirked sinisterly at me.

I pulled a chair from the side and sank down into it, "Nah, I already know why," I said as I picked at my nails.

Her posture straightened and she cocked an eyebrow at me, "You do?" She asked tauntingly.

I nodded my head, "You were grieving because of your husband's death. And since I was a reminder of him passing you decided to take that grief and turn it into anger so you beat me," I said softly.

C'mon, I know you're dumb enough to fall in...

She started to laugh humorlessly into the air and wiped a fake tear as she calmed down, "You-You really think that I miss that bastard?"


My body froze at what she called my father. My ears were waiting eagerly for whatever to come out of her dumb lip injectioned mouth. "What'd you just say?" I asked with my jaw clenched.

She stood up from her seat which made me automatically stand up on instinct. She cocked an eyebrow at my reflex and stalked around her desk towards me, "I only married that coward for his fucking money. You should've seen how big the diamonds were when he gave me jewelry! I mean, the fucker was loaded!" She screamed cheerfully.

"And it all just got better when he died!" She smiled menacingly.

I stood there baffled at this maniac's words. She only married for his money? Now that wasn't really a surprise. But was more than happy when he died? I promise you if there weren't so many people listening outside of that door right now, I would've lunged at her so quick you wouldn't even have the chance to blink.

"What the fuck did you just say?" I hissed threatenly. My blood boiled as her sickly sweet smile was still on her face. My fists clenched without realization and I felt my jaw tick just because of how much it was constricting. All I saw was red, and she'd be drowning in it too.

She walked back behind her desk and crossed her arms over her chest, "Oh c'mon now April, now don't look so surprised," she said innocently.

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