Chapter 8: Before

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July 2012
"I am almost at the gate" Sadiq said as Hayaat answered her phone call.

"Okay I will be out shortly" She replied before ending the call and took her veil.

Minal came inside the room to see her sister dressed up and ready to go out "Are you going somewhere?"

"Sadiq is Here" Minal made an O shape with her mouth knowing who Sadiq is because over the past Two weeks since she knew him, Almost everyone has heard of him except for Mummy and Ummi.

She is leaving for Abuja today and after much deliberation, She has agreed to meet up with Sadiq who is not going back to Abuja until the next month.

"Don't stay for long" Ummi warned as Hayaat told her she's going out with a friend "It's already 12:00pm. You know your father doesn't like you wandering around and Tj is going by 3:00pm" Hayaat kisses her mother's cheeks before going outside to see his Car parked a few steps away from their gate.

She stepped into the front seat with a greeting and sat down looking at Sadiq who was smiling as he responded to her greeting.

She won't say she wasn't surprised because Picture didn't do Justice to How Handsome he is. His Chocolate body complexion brought out his Sideburns and his lower lips were a bit pinkish.His hair is very curly and it was well trimmed and groomed just like his Facial Hair.

"Finally I get to meet you" He said causing her to blush as he started the car "You never told me you were Tj Bello's Sister".

"You know Hamma Tj?"

"Ah Yes, He's a good friend of mine" Sadiq took a turn as he drove around in circles while They kept on conversing before Hayaat Questioned about their destination.

"How about we have Brunch before I drop you back" Sadiq requested to which she politely declined saying he should just drop her off.

"It was Nice meeting you" Hayaat muttered as he stopped at their gate "Talk to you later" She stepped out of the car when Sadiq stopped her before she entered the house.

He came out Of the car holding a gift bag which he handed to her and she bluntly refused to accept until after much  persuasion, She thanked him before collecting it and went back inside all shades of Red from Sadiq's last words.

"When You sat down in the front seat of this car, the first thing that came to my mind was "She's the one".

Hayaat bumped into Tj lost in her thoughts "Madam? You have become blind or what?" Hayaat Apologized to him hiding the gift bag behind her when he questioned about it.

"Nothing, Ummi said we're leaving by 3:00pm right?"

"Nope, Hamma Fadil Called me earlier and we have to leave in...." He raised his hand to check the time on the watch strapped on it "Fifteen minutes so get ready".

Hayaat rushed upstairs where she kept the gift bag carefully on top of her clothes before zipping the Luggage up and had one of their housemaids to take it to Tj's car.

She told both her mothers and Minal goodbye before joining Tj in his car and they left after Mummy and Ummi warned him to drive safely knowing how much all the male in the house love to overspeed.

Hayaat rencountered How she used to glumly leave, mostly after crying from Kaduna to Cape Town  in her First year of University but she has gradually outgrown it.

"How's your friend?" Tj hesitated, reducing the volume of the speaker "Halima..."He finished off.

"Hmm...She's Fine" She responded, her voice sounding curious "Should I convey your greetings to her or.......?"

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