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There is a certain kind of love that can be dedicated to those we shouldn't feel that way about. A dangerous sort of love. The kind where guilt and a rush of adrenaline consume you, perhaps greater than that of the love itself. It was my fiancés best friend, the one in town who he invited to dinner one night. One night led to another and before I knew it, Harry was making a regular appearance at our place.

It didn't matter, he was coming to see the man I was engaged to; his oldest friend. It wasn't me. I simply had to smile at dinner, pretending I was in love with the man next to me and not the one across the table with the dark green eyes and mysterious grin.

Nothing would come of it. Harry was a loyal friend and I a loyal fiancé.

But the forbidden feelings I felt, though as bitter the taste they left in my mouth, could still be so sweet.



i. Sweet – Cigarettes After Sex

ii. Dinner & Diatribes – Hozier

iii. First Day Of My Life – Bright Eyes

iv. When The Day Met The Night – Panic! At The Disco

v. When You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman – Dr. Hook

vi. Come Softly To Me – The Fleetwoods

vii. We're Not Just Friends – Parks, Squares and Alleys

viii. K. – Cigarettes After Sex

ix. Love In Stereo – Sky Ferreira

x. You Better Go Now – Billie Holiday

xi. Nothing's Gonna Hurt You Baby – Cigarettes After Sex

xii. Not My Baby – Alvvays

xiii. Crush – Cigarettes After Sex

xiv. Maybe You're Right – Cat Stevens

xv. We'll Meet Again – She & Him



chapter one will be up soon! x

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