Chapter 28 ~ Mila

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After that day we were left alone with Zayn, time flew by even faster. Soon it was time to leave and I didn’t realise until that moment how much I was dreading that day to come. Those days at Harry’s bungalow had been the best holidays ever. I had so much fun with all the lads, I even got along better with Louis. Somehow, I learnt to love him with his Peter Pan complex and all. I really grew to love them all in those days we shared and I truly considered them my friends.

What about Zayn?

Things with him during those days were incredible yet intense at the same time. I didn’t know if it was because I knew this was all what we could have, or because it just flowed like that for us. We spent a lot of time together, arguing over some things, laughing and goofing around, talking about deep topics or just getting to know each other better. Plus, we were very, well… physical in our ‘relationship’, or whatever it could be called. And by that I meant we were always touching somehow. He liked to hold my hand or cuddle in with me. Sometimes he just randomly hugged me and instead of considering it like he was invading my personal space, I liked it. How could I not like it? It felt great to have him so close, I enjoyed his presence.

I was going to miss that.

I was going to miss them all, but most of all; I was going to miss Zayn. It was impressive how attached to him I got. I already felt like he was part of my life somehow and I didn’t want him to be torn away from it. Not yet.

We were already putting out things in the boot when Zayn approached to me and wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me against his chest. His lips met the skin of my neck and that sent shivers down my spine.

“Zayn,” I whispered putting my own hands over his. “You done packing?”

“Yup. I came to help you now,” he said in my ear and I was literally melting in his arms. He used to be like that with me, talking into my ear and things like that, and I should’ve been used to that by now, but I couldn’t. I didn’t think I could never grow used to that. Never.

“I have Moni for that. She’s the man in our relationship,” I told him and he chuckled softly.

“I see. So, what are your plans after this?” He asked grabbing my waist and making me turn around to face him. He put our foreheads together and I knew no one was going to pop up and ruin the moment or they would expose to a painful death at Moni’s hands.

“I’m gonna go see my family,” I told him. I had to go even if I didn’t want to. I saw how his eyes showed concern immediately and my heart felt warm.

We had talked about my issues with my family a bit more, he really wanted to know as much as he could about me, even if it could be boring listening to me ranting about my family. He did, he always did: he listened to me.

“Are you gonna be fine? Is Moni going with you?” And he really sounded worried about it.

“No, she’s gonna visit her family too, but I’ll be fine. It’s just a couple of days. I can handle it,” I replied with a smile to put him at ease with the topic, though he still looked worried.

“If, in any moment, you feel like screaming or something like that, you can always call me,” he offered and I could swear I had butterflies in my stomach in that moment, and all of them were going crazy. He looked so concerned and honest, I knew he really meant those words.

“Aw, thank you!” I told him standing on my tiptoes to peck his lips. He tightened his grip on my waist and kissed me again, properly this time. I immediately ran my fingers through his hair just because I adored how it felt.

When we pulled away, his eyes had this special sparkle that overwhelmed me. It made me want to stay like that forever, to freeze time in that particular moment.

“And, do you have plans after that?” He asked with a half smile.

“Not really. I have to go back to uni, you know,” I replied still playing with my fingers in his hair. I loved how it looked, all messy and out of control. It gave him a look more like a rebel and I just adored that look. It was sexy as fuck.

“Do you think we could see each other then?” Questioned Zayn brushing his lips against mine, yet I furrowed my brow.

I hadn’t considered to meet him after these days, I just assumed that this was all what we could have and I had accepted that. I never thought he was going to want to see me like that again. I knew perfectly that he wasn’t using me and I knew he had moved on from Alex, but I thought he saw all this just like I did: like something ephemeral.

“You want to see me?” I inquired, still surprised by his question. “Only me?”

“Of course. Why wouldn’t I?” He questioned back, confused this time.

Because what we were having wasn’t something serious? Because I wasn’t the kind of girl for him? Because he was a popstar who could have anyone better? There were plenty of reasons why, although I didn’t mention any.

“I dunno, I just thought that this was just something of the moment.”

“Well, clearly I don’t see it that way. Don’t tell me you still believe I’m using you to move on from Alex,” he said and I saw how that thought really bugged him.

“No,” I hurried to answer. “I don’t think that way anymore. It’s just that, I dunno, I don’t see you with a girl like me.”

“Why not? I can perfectly see myself with not only a girl like you, but you,” he replied and my heart did a flip-flop in my chest. “Do you need me to prove you that I really want this?” He said after a few seconds.

“I— um,” I mumbled, incapable of uttering a word.

“I can. If that’s what I need to do for you to believe me when I say I want this, I will. Mila,” he said cupping my face in his hands and looking me in the eyes. I could feel his stare touching my very soul. “I really like you.”

And in that moment my heart stopped.

There wasn’t any doubt of the truth in those words and the intensity of his gaze was too powerful to believe he was lying or just trying to fool me. He was being one hundred per cent honest and I didn’t know how to reply to that.

Did I like him that way? Yes, and probably too much.

Was I able to say it out loud? No, definitely no.

What I did instead, then, was to crush my lips against his. I couldn’t reply to that statement yet.


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