Chapter 28 ~ Mila

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Chapter 28 ― Mila

It was somehow weird being so cuddly with Zayn, but it wasn’t like I was looking for him to be like that; it was him who wrapped his arms around me and brought me closer. And I loved it. There was this special thing about being in his arms, with his essence embracing me like his arms did, with his heartbeats hammering against my back as well, with his breathing tingling in my ear, his laughter echoing in the room. Being like that with him felt natural and it kind of worried me that I felt so fine with him. It wasn’t awkward; it wasn’t weird. It scared me because I would want to be like that with him more often and that wasn’t going to happen. Nothing of this was really serious, I knew that already. I was concerned that maybe after all this was over, I was going to miss moments like this.

I was growing too fond of Zayn.

Despite our differences, like in music with his love for rap —I hated rap, except in Linkin Park’s song—, I loved to get to know him better anyways. Knowing more about him, what he liked, about his past, the things he used to do, the things he missed to do, even about his family. I really enjoyed having time alone with him, knowing the real Zayn; not the one who hid behind a confident full of himself pop start, the shy and insecure one, the silly one. I liked that Zayn better.

I also loved to talk to him about deep things, things that he didn’t care about until I told him about them. I enjoyed opening his eyes about things that were really wrong in this world. “You could really make a change in this world,” I told him in a particular moment when Lady Antebellum was playing in the background.

“How so?” He asked playing with our fingers. “With our music? I think we already do that.”

“Nope. I mean with your attitude. You know your fan-base is of an average of thirteen. They are so mouldable; whatever you say to them it will make a huge impact. If you support a good cause, they will, too! You can help them to open their eyes!” I said getting excited immediately. “You could promote reading, or associations like Greenpeace! Imagine how great it would be to have girls like your fans fighting for those causes, as well!”

He remained in silence for a few seconds, probably processing all what I had said. I knew that if I were as famous as him, I would use my fame to promote all those causes I really thought needed to be heard by many.

“I guess you’re right, we can really make a change not only in the people, but for the whole world,” he agreed with me and I felt so damn happy because he could see what I meant.

I loved that. That he had never thought before of the things I said, but he really listened to me and considered it now. He didn’t just shoved it off like my family did or so many other people. Maybe he wasn’t into all the things that I was really passionate about, but I felt like I could open his eyes to those things. That was something really important to me, because I needed someone whom I could share those things with.

Not that I was thinking of a relationship with Zayn.

“You know? I don’t know how Moni hasn’t murdered you all yet,” I commented just to keep my mind off the matter that I was considering how compatible Zayn and I were.

“Why would she do that?” He asked and I giggled thinking of my obsessive friend.

“‘Cos of the way you write,” I explained and I didn’t have to see his expression to know he was confused. “She hates grammar mistakes and basic things like that. You know, the kind of things you decide to ignore on twitter. I hear her ranting every time she sees one of Niall’s tweet.” He laughed but he hadn’t seen how angry Moni got because they were apparently incapable of writing properly. “Honestly, Niall is lucky that he’s her favourite, otherwise he would be dead already.” And Zayn burst out laughing. I didn’t know what he was imagining in that moment, but it had to be pretty hilarious to have him laughing that way. Even though, I really liked his laugh; it was adorable.

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