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Alisa point of view

"Alisa?"I hear someone say from where I was laying on my bed. I tilt my head a little bit to see who's at my door.


"Can I come in?"Leah's head appears from behind the door.

"Sure"I mumble and let my head fall back on my bed.

"I Uh.... can we talk?"she asks nervously.


She sits down on my bed in front of me.

"What do you wanna talk about?"i ask confused. We haven't talked in a while, since what she did to Jordan.

"I just... I wanna apologise for what I did"she mumbles and looks down.

"You don't have to apologise to me. Go tell Jordan you're sorry. You've hurt her, not me"I say frustrated by the fact that she has the nerve to come in my room. "Look Leah, just fix this problem by yourself. I'm not helping you again. You did this on your own, fix it on your own. I'm not always going to help you if you fuck up time after time".

She stands up from the bed, looking furious.
"What do you mean this is my problem? I didn't ask for fucking advise from you. All I wanted to apologise to you because I'm leaving this town! I don't give a shit about Jordan. She can burn in hell"she shouts angry and walks out of my room, slamming my door close.

What the fuck? What does she mean with I'm leaving this town? I she going to move away? Are we moving again?

I stand up and run downstairs, in the kitchen. Out of breath, I stop right in front of my mom.

"Hey sweetie, how was school?"she asks nicely, while she washes the dishes.

"Good, but it doesn't matter right now. Are we moving to another town again?"I reply.

"Moving? No, why would you think that?"she chuckles softly and turns to look at me.

"Well, Leah said she's leaving the town"I explain shortly.

She drops the cup, she was washing, into the sink. She stands there, frozen, for several minutes. Then she pulls her hand trough her head and looks up at me.

"What do you mean 'she's leaving the town'?"she asks confused.

"I don't know, that's why I came to ask if we are moving to another town again"I explain. I sit down at the table and take an apple out of the basket that's on the tablet.

"Goddammit, What's that child doing"I heard mom grumble while she pulls her hand trough her hair. She dries her hand with the towel and walks out of the kitchen, angry.

"What's going on?"I hear my other mom ask confused as she walks into the kitchen.

"I don't know"I answer and take another bite of my apple.

We heard screaming, coming from upstairs.

"Shit. Maybe we should check on them"I say. My mom nods and together we walk slowly upstairs, afraid someone is going to hurt us.

"Is everything alright here?"mom asks as she walks into Leah's room.

Leah and mom are standing in front of each other, heavily panting from all the yelling. Nobody answers. The only that could be heard are our breathes.

"Well, is someone going to explain me what's going on?"Ma asks as she places her hand on her hip.

"Nothing,"mom starts as she turn around to look at us. She pulls her hand through her hair, messing it up.

"Just that Leah's going to move out with her new boyfriend". She said it so casually that you would think it was not a big deal. But then hell broke trough.

"Moving out?! With your new boyfriend?! Leah are you crazy? How old are you, seventeen or something. You can't just go away with someone we, your parents, don't even know. Don't speak such rubbish. Put that bag away, you're coming down with us. You're not leaving"ma screams angrily. She takes Leah bag out of her hand and throws it through the room.

"No,"Leah screams back angrily. "I'm not staying here. You all ignore me. You pretend like I don't exist. Do you really think I wanna stay here while you act like that? Well then you're wrong. I'm moving out, if you like it or not".

She walks to the place where her bag is. She picks it up and start putting things in it again.

She closes her bag, takes it in her hand and walks them out of the door, without a word.


I just wanna say that the next few chapters are going to changing a lot of personages and time jumps. But it's just so that the story don't get boring.

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