Chapter 1 Andrew Elizabeth Parker

I was walking around so kind of Helicarrier thing and scared to the fact that there were so many men around me. Some real pretty girl about my age came up to me smiling and said "Hi Andrew." I jumped at her excitement "H-h-h-hi." She smiled again "Someone's jumpy. I'm Dawn. I heard about you." I calmed down and smiled back "Sorry it's just I'm scared of people, men more though."

"Is there a reason?" She frowned slightly. "Yeah between you and I; I was taking from my family and I've been a slave all my life." She looked shocked "Wow. Hmmm...come with me." She grabbed my hand? Weird "Ok but will you stay with me? I don't want to be left with men." I said worried, men have always scared me. Dawn nodded "Of course." We came up to a man with dark skin and a black eye patch on his left eye? I think. "Ah I see you've meet your new teammate."

I looked at him weird "New teammate?" Dawn was surprised too "New teammate? This is her?" "Yes. If you choose to... but I don't take no for an answer." I shrugged 'of course not' "okay well I really don't have a choice; I will join as long as you find my family." I heard Dawn asked you don't know your family? He nodded "No problem, introduce her to the team." And walked off.

I turned to Dawn "No but I know my name is Andrew Elizabeth Parker." She stopped "Parker eh? Nice. Well let me introduce you to the team," she took to me a room," Oh yeah...uh...the one with the huge ego, you might want to watch out for." 'What? O my god anything she says doesn't make sense at all to me' "What do you mean?" She smirked "You'll see," and we entered the room and this woman is trying to kill me "There are so many men." I whispered

One man had long blonde hair cute, blond short hair cuter, older man short brown/black curly hair with glasses, brown short hair with brown bears and mustache with a blue glow thing under his shirt. The one that caught my eye was the one with the short bronze hair, blue beautiful eyes, tall, fit, a lot of muscles man about my age with an archery bow on his back; he was so hot.

I saw one other girl with short red hair and pale skin she was really beautiful. She looked like she had like the hot guy. The one with the brown beard and mustache asked Dawn "Hey doll face who's your friend?" I peeked around and saw him smirk and turned back. "Like I said, Stark. Lay off. She's shy around guys." I could feel the hot guy eyeing me or trying to due to the face I'm a child and hiding behind Dawn.

"Whatever you say doll face." I peeked out again seeing them all looking at us "I don't think I can do this." I didn't think Dawn heard me but she did "Hmmm... ok I got it. Alright all of you guys, leave the room." The short blonde one asked "Why?" then hot guy answered "Don't argue," God I love his voice, "with her Steve. We all know better than that." He stood up and followed the others out. 'How nice of them' I thought. I whispered "Thank you." I went over to the red haired woman "Hi I'm Andrew." Offering a hand out as she took it "Hi, Andrew. I'm Natasha. You can call me Nat or Tasha."

I shook her hand "so you and Dawn are the only girl on the team?" Tasha sighed "Sadly, yes, but now you're on the team too. It makes it a lot better." Dawn agreed "yeah tell me about it, If Tony touched me one more time, I swear... I'll lose it." "I think Tony is the only one you have to worry about. The other guys are fine." 'The other guys are fine? Is she crazy?' "I don't know I have this grudge against men.

"Why?" I was looking down "Errrr I've been a slave all my life." Tasha was horrified "That's terrible but you know that you have to face the boys right?" I nodded "Yeah bring them in." 'Screw my life'

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