Chapter twenty one

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After violently singing along to some songs on Regional at Best in the car, Debby and I arrived at the venue. Tyler’s and Josh’s parents were already there, and so were Josh’s brother and sisters. When we all walked backstage, I saw Jay, Zack and Mark. We all greeted each other. Then I also met some other crew members, though there weren’t that many. Their names were Ben and Michael, but they had to continue setting things up so I couldn’t really talk to them.

Debby took me to Tyler and Josh’s dressing room since she wanted to wish them some luck and give her boyfriend a hug. When we came in, they were drinking a can of mountain dew. “Sorry to bother, we just wanted to come wish you guys some good luck and all that.” Debby said. “Come here Deb, you never bother us.” Josh said with a big  smile on his face. Tyler scraped his throat sarcastically, at which Debby and Josh gave him a questioning look. “Nah, just kidding, sweet you guys came by.” He added with a sweet darkish smile (that I loved.) He pulled me in for a short hug, then softly said “have fun tonight, I guess I’ll see you somewhere between the people tonight.” And then smiled at me, nervously, but bright.  I said a soft “yeah” with a smile on my face and then Tyler let go of my waist, which he was apparently still holding. I then looked over at Debby, who was just getting her nose kissed lightly by Josh. Debby then wished Tyler good luck and hugged him, and I did the same to Josh, except I did it a lot more awkward, but I was kind of used to being awkward after 18 years.

Debby and I went outside and soon found Madison and the other girls. We decided to take place somewhere on the lawn, where we actually had a great view of the stage. Tyler and Josh’s families were at the back of the lawn, about 30 feet behind us. After waiting for a bit, a support act started playing. I wasn’t really expecting a support act, and apparently neither was Debby. It was enjoyable though, to have something fun to listen to while waiting. The venue was getting fuller every few minutes. Debby explained to me how this was going to be the last show where they played Regional at Best, the last show without a record label, so it was kind of big for them.

“COLUMBUS WHAT’S UP?!” Tyler shouted through the mic, roughly ten minutes later as he and Josh walked up on stage while the intro of Guns for Hands was playing. The crowd immediately responded with loud cheering, dancing and sing-alongs. Debby smiled at me and yelled “ISN’T THIS AWESOME” and I just laughed and nodded my head a lot, because I honestly didn’t have words for how amazed I was. The crowd wasn’t huge, but that’s what made it even better.

After a few songs, I recognized the beginning of Kitchen Sink, and felt myself tear up a little. I had listened to Kitchen Sink a lot, and it was perfection in a song. Both lyrically and musically. When Tyler started singing after playing the intro, I felt a tear roll down my cheek. Apparently Debby saw it, because she wrapped her arm around my shoulder and softly sang along. When I looked over my other shoulder, I noticed that Madison and the other girls had moved to the left a lot, which didn’t seem a lot better than our places. I regained focus on the stage and sang along with the audience, and Tyler. It felt great to sing with all the fans, all the people who seemed to care a lot about what Josh and Tyler were doing, all the people who seemed to find a lot of support in the things they said and the music they made. Before I knew it, the second verse of Kitchen Sink was over and Zack was on stage, rapping. I just looked at it with a gaping mouth, admiring the fact that he pulled it off so perfectly. After his rap, I could see the pride and love in his face as he got an ovation from the crowd.

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