Addendum 1 - Brief Character Descriptions

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Amara Dewan – Main Protagonist

Amara Dewan is a holistically-minded person who often searches for the best in others. She migrated from her homeland in India to reach Africa so she could be near the Cyber-Revolution as it gained traction. Nature delights her as much as it intrigues her, but technology is nothing to be demonized in her eyes. It enhances her ability to understand what she loves and allows her to more easily connect with both of the men in her life. The polyamory nature of their relationship gives her the time she needs to connect with each part of her life. Stefan heals her soul and Kato revitalizes her mind. Being with them reminds her how complex the world is and how interconnected people can be. However, ever since her father's passing, she has found herself skeptical of modern technology and the corporations that fuel the future. Deep down, she also fears that it may only be a matter of time before she becomes complacent for the sake of convenience. Amara is reliant on the world that has been built, yet defiant of where it might end up.

As her motto goes, "think globally, act locally".

Stefan Oshkev – Amara's First Boyfriend

Stefan Oshkev is a quiet, spiritually-focused individual who enjoys the small comforts of life. Due to all the music he knows, he works as a DJ and is often considered a living encyclopedia for music. In line with this, he rarely uses traditional forms of communication and tends to share his thoughts through various songs or playlists. As a partner, speaking with him is as endearing and exciting as it can be maddening and confusing. Stefan also experiences strong hallucinations when he dreams, which leave him wondering about the world's future and people's willingness to be connected. Every day is a push for him to remain invisible from oversight and separate from people who want to control their environments. Stefan loves the music people make and hopes he can leave behind something inspiring for the ones he loves.

Kato Zuran – Amara's Second Boyfriend

Kato Zuran is a charming, technologically-focused person who loves how advanced the world has become. As someone that is fully integrated with society, he designs jewelry that function as easily concealable, smart technology. He often finds himself intellectually engaged with one matter or another and tends to function at a higher level than his peers. As a partner, he loves to be absorbed in conversations that both entertain and challenge his mind. One major hitch in he and Amara's relationship is that Kato is married. He and his wife have run into a sapiosexual blockade that has stunted their growth as a couple, but Amara fills that void for Kato. Together with Amara, he is trying to build a decentralized internet that emphasizes personal engagement over the external involvement of others. Kato loves connectivity, but can be forceful about how connections are established, despite his appealing nature.

Kya Mayhara – Amara's Best Friend

Kya Mayhara is a charismatic, fun-loving, weirdo who always encourages Amara to chase her dreams. Operating as a delivery woman, she runs into people from every walk of life, but is only as compelling as her job requires her to be. She doesn't get along with very many people due to her sharp tongue and belligerent personality, but has been by Amara's side since they were kids. For her, loyalty and honesty toward those closest to someone are of tantamount importance. This makes her an invaluable friend, but a difficult partner. It is difficult for her to understand Amara's polyamory relationship, but she stands beside her nonetheless. Kya loves being a passively interactive member in society and tries to remain as impartial to everything as she can. To her, everyone can only be loyal and honest to who they know.

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