Family Comes First Pt. 4-Jaime Lannister x Reader x Daenerys Targaryen

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Y/S/N= Your Sister's Name (She is around seven/eight in this imagine)


So I cried while writing this and I listened to Already Gone by Sleeping at Last while writing the ending and that didn't help. 😭 Totally recommend the song, though!


I watched the Battle of King's Landing, hoping to hear the bells toll at any second. Dany was not going to like it if they make her wait this long for it. She has already been irritable toward everyone, even me.

Dany's given up the decision to have me on her staff after she saw me kiss Jaime the day we celebrated Arya and the other fallen soldiers in the Great Hall. She gave up talking to me in general and I've tried all I could to reconcile with her, but she will automatically dismiss me with a wave of her hand, no words needed for her to say. I got the picture quite clearly.

Drogon roared and shrieked once more as fire flew from his jaws to the large machines that resembled crossbows, them breaking and the screams of pain of the archers apparent even for how far away I was now, waiting with Tyrion. We walked closer to the destroyed gate, hoping to get a closer view of what was happening.

"How much longer does the city have to stand before they surrender?" I mutter to Tyrion, not being able to remove my eyes from the burnt corpses of the once strong Golden Company, now nothing but ash. He continued to stare at the belltower.

He sighed as Dany landed Drogon on a parapet close by us, "I don't know. I hope—"

Before he finished the words, the bells began to ring throughout the city and streets and I smiled as chills went down my body, "She did it. She's queen." I huff a laugh at how unbelievable it has been. I remembered when we first met in Meereen. That seemed like yesterday. A bittersweet twinge hit me at everything that had got us here, to this moment for her.

"What is she doing?" Tyrion whispered, panic striking his voice into a hoarse tone. I looked closer at her and saw her prepare to fly up and before I could say anything, she was in the skies again with Drogon, setting fire to everything in front of her.

"No!" I gasp, raising my hand to my mouth as it fell open in horror. Screams echoed along with the cracks and bangs of rocks cascading to the streets of King's Landing. "She—She must've—" I can't say any more as she heads to the Red Keep, circling it in flames and the once beautiful castle became nothing but piles of rubble and memories of happier times. I remember almost immediately who was in there. Jaime...


"What are you doing, Jaime?" I ask as he gets his horse ready for a departure. He didn't answer me and I placed my hand on his cheek. "Hey," I whisper, "What's wrong?"

He gave a shaky breath and a tear fell but he wiped it quickly, "I need to go to King's Landing. For Cersei."

I remove my hand from him and stare at him, not able to believe what I had just heard. "For...Cersei?" I try my hardest to not sound judgmental but when it came to her, it was almost impossible to hide. "Why?"

He shakes his head slowly and closes the flap of his bag on the horse. "She is my sister, Y/N. My twin sister. Even if we aren't like we were, she is still my family and I still love her." He refused to move his eyes to mine and it made me frustrated.

"After everything she has done?" I mumble.

He nods, "Wasn't it always you that fought for the importance of family? That was always your driving force, Y/N." Now he turns to look at me, his eyes full of sorrow. "It's my turn to go somewhere I don't want to for my sister, just like you did and have always done for Y/S/N."

I gulp and feel my lip tremble a little. I can't say anything against that, he was right. I would do anything for Y/S/N, probably just like he would do for Cersei. I back away from the horse as he mounts it. "Wait."

He pauses, and I see his hands tighten on the reins and his jaw clenches. "Yea?" His voice breaks and tears begin to flow down my face.

"Be careful and come back after this war is over," I whisper.

He nods slightly and turns back to the road, galloping off into the night, back to the hell we both came from.

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