Proven-Jaqen H'ghar x Reader

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Requested by @wweskywalker

Sorry, this one is short and it isn't the best I've done. I hope you enjoy it anyway!! ❤️

(The reader was requested to have the name Visenya so I did so. 👍)


"A woman's training is complete." The voice comes from the door and I lower my staff along with the Waif. I slowly turn around, letting my face show no expression, just as all the faces hanging in the room. Jaqen's mouth has a slight smirk as he steps closer, his robes flowing behind him with each step. "Now it's time for a woman to prove her skills. Come." He raises his hand and he steps aside, waiting for me to walk with him.

Our steps echo through the halls as we leave the Waif in the Hall of Faces. He walks ahead of me to lead the way and I can't help but smile at how far I've come from who I used to be. My old life still is a slight blur from all the denying of it, but I still remember my name, just slightly. Visenya Stark. Anything besides that is not apparent in my mind.

We enter a large room that seems to just have been clear and cleaned out, everything except the sparring weapons on the side of the room; swords, knives, staffs, etcetera. I stepped in front of the fighting platform and wait for instructions, firming my grip on the staff I have been using.

"A woman can step on the platform. Is that the weapon she chooses?" Jaqen's deep voice comes from behind me.

"Yes," I say clearly, getting onto the platform and going to the other side, but not moving any farther and not turning around.

His steps behind me go to the rack of weapons and I continue to look forward. A few seconds pass and the steps and rattles and clanks of the weapons disperse, having only silence fill the room.

A small sound reaches my ear. A swoosh. I spin on my heels and block the attack of his staff. Smiling, he nods and removes his weapon slowly before swinging for my legs. My staff gets in the way and once he moves it away, I spin my weapon to hit his side but he blocked that. He tilted his head and raised his eyebrows to me.

He swipes for my neck and I duck, landing my staff to the back of his knees, causing him to fall. He quickly gets up and slashes across and hits my hip. I stumble sideways, feeling a grin spread on my face and I take a deep breath.

I can hear his staff flowing through the air and I spin, blocking it, the tip of the staff almost touching my throat. I turn my staff to move his away from me and I turn mine back around quickly, landing to his throat and he doesn't have time to block it.

Leaving it there, barely in contact with his skin, it was my turn to smile at him. He nods and I lower my weapon as he does the same.

"A woman is truly no one, yes?" He straightens his stance, his reddish hair moving slightly, the white streak glimmering in the light from the windows.

"Yes," I whisper.

"A woman may go now." He holds his hand out to me and I give him my staff before walking slowly out of the room, smiling to myself the whole way.

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