Never Broken, Not to Me-Bran Stark x Reader

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"Did Father tell you?" Meera entered my room with a scroll in her hand. I nod slowly, remembering what Father had said about news from King's Landing. She sighs, shaking her head as she sits down on my bed. "He is going down there to meet with the other lords and ladies to decide what to do after the dragon queen's death."

"So, Lady Sansa will be there, I assume?" I mutter, finishing off a drawing of the heart tree we saw with Jojen and the rest of the group beyond the wall.

"And rumors say that Bran will too."

At these words I swing around in my seat, dropping my utensil, it rolling to the ground with a thud. "What?" I almost shout. I gulp and lower my voice. "What do you mean he'll be there." I could feel my heart quicken at the reminder of him and my mind flashes back to the kiss we shared before we got to the Three-Eyed Raven's home. Before Jojen was killed...

"I mean exactly that." She smiled softly and rose from her sitting position and walked to the door. "Father asked if we wanted to go with him but I should stay here so both of you can go without the worry of no Reeds in Greywater Watch." She opened the door and stopped, "I'll tell him you want to go." She shut the door, leaving me speechless in my room.


"Just imagine it, Bran," I smile at him as we walk through the cold snow and ice to get to the Three-Eyed Raven. "All the powers you can possess!" I looked down to him and he only looked away from me. "Bran?"

He snaps back into the world and frowns up to me, "Yes?"

I sigh and hurry my pace to walk right beside the wheelbarrow. "What's on your mind?" I whisper, looking behind me to Jojen and Meera, making sure they were out of earshot. "Don't tell me you're thinking about what happened back there?"

His lips straighten into a white line on his face and shakes his head, "If I wasn't like this I could've helped you." His hands hit his blanket that his legs lay under. "When I was younger, people called me Bran the Broken. I'm so broken that I could do nothing to help you when Tanner tried to..."

"But he didn't," I say, grabbing his hand. "And you were never broken to me, Bran."

Hodor stops suddenly and I look around him to see why and my mouth fell open. I took a breath in and smiled at the view. Just beyond was a heart tree, leaves the reddest I have ever seen, the trunk a beautiful white with flakes of grey mixed in here and there. The sun began to set, sending the sky into a golden color, leaving a scene that would leave people in awe, just as it had done with me.

"Jojen!" Bran called as I bend down to be on the same height level as him. "Look, Jojen, look!" I can't move my eyes from the image and soon Meera and Jojen join us on the cliff. Bran looks at Jojen with a small nod then moved his attention to me.

He grinned and looked down to my lips then back to my eyes, the thought clearly planted on my mind too. I smile and lean in to kiss him. He raised his hand to my hair, pulling me softly closer to him. My hand goes to his neck, rubbing my thumb on his jaw.

The kiss dissolved and I sat there in the snow, not feeling the coldness of the ice but the warmth from Bran. I rub the blanket of fur on his legs and smile at him and whisper, "You were never broken. Not to me"


I open my eyes, bringing me back to the room given to me in King's Landing as Father dealt with the council of lords and ladies. Just remembering that moment gave a bittersweet pang in my heart. I loved that moment with Bran but what happened not long after broke me. Losing my only brother.

I sigh and get up from the bed and look out at the demolished streets in the moonlight. I guess I couldn't sleep all the way through the night and I wasn't tired anymore. I needed air after the memories that racked my thoughts night and day since I hear Bran's name again.

I get up and open the door and walk into the hall. The one part of the Red Keep that wasn't completely destroyed by Daenerys was still not in the greatest shape to keep people but they had to make do in the dire circumstances. There was a whole section of the ceiling missing and stones and ash were all in the corridors but otherwise, it was okay.

I walk down the halls hoping to see it the gardens were destroyed as well when I hear a voice speak a familiar name.

"Bran the Broken." They whispered.

I spun in the direction of the voice and it was a servant boy who was cleaning the ashes with another boy that was slightly older than him. I approach them so quickly that they jump back. "Why did you say that name?" I ask.

"The new king, didn't you hear? Brandon Stark. Bran the Broken." He repeats the name again as if I was an idiot.

I nod and continue to walk down to the gardens. "King? Bran the Broken?" I mutter to myself and I open the doors to the fields of flowers and vegetation. The green, though, was grey with debris and stone pieces from the castle were littered in the walkways and plants. The only slight color you could see was in some of the petals and leaves.

I keep walking, taking the air and looking up at the stars and the moon. Once I look back where I am walking, I see that I made it to the section of the garden that looks out to the ocean. The interior of the patio was normal but the tent over it had holes burned into it. Facing away from the ocean and toward me was none other than the King himself.

"Bran the Broken? Really?" I chuckle. "I thought you hated that name?"

He gestured to a chair with his hand that was next to him and I took it. "I never came up with it, it was sort of assigned to me." He spoke softly and I nodded. His eyes look over me and I do the same to him. He didn't change much since I last saw him. "You look beautiful tonight, Y/N." His monotone is clear but I can see a flicker of happiness in his eyes.

"Thank you, Bran." I smile and take his hand in mine. I squeeze it and feel a burning in my throat.

He watched carefully as he always did ever since I met him and he brings my hand to his lips, kissing it softly.

He still had that little piece of him that I loved. He wasn't completely gone.

"The name does fit though, doesn't it?" His question comes out more of a statement.

I shake my head and stare him in his eyes, intently. "You were never broken." I lean forward and kiss his cheek, tears flowing freely down my cheeks. "Not to me."

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