Cold and Dark-Jon Snow x Reader

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"Y/N." The King in the North's voice echoes through the stone hallway to me causing me to freeze. "Would you come help me with something?" I turn around to face him and his dark eyes seem to stare holes into me. I nod slowly and follow as he makes his way back down the walkway to go outside then toward the crypts. The snow starts to fall harder and harder as we approach the door and enter.

Jon waits for me to enter inside then closed the door behind him, a loud thump sounded in the empty walls. I watch as he does this and we go farther down the steps, making only the sounds of our shoes under us, seeming to make me even more nervous.

It's not that I don't know Jon, I just haven't seen him in so long and now he was a grown man. And a King. Back when I knew him when we were younger, I was worked in the kitchens, so I never saw much of the bastard son of Eddard Stark with the surname 'Snow'. We would catch glances of each other but never talked unless he came into the kitchens.

The same catching glances happen but it seems more on his side than mine since I try to avoid his presence. I was always completely fine around the Stark children, but Jon was always a different relationship. Though, ever since he was back to ruling the North, getting rid of the Boltons, he was kind to me in giving me a higher position as a handmaiden to Lady Sansa, who happily took me into her service. The position is astounding but I have to see a lot of Jon. He must have known that...

"I need you to help me set up the crypts for the women and children for the battle." He broke my thoughts and I was dragged back into the present time instead of past memories. He raised the torch to the statue of his father then to his Aunt Lyanna with a grim expression, grimmer than usual.

"Yes, my King," I mutter, walking to the statues and cleaning off some of the excess dirt and pebbles from the sculptures.

"We have known each other for our entire lives, Y/N." Jon walks closer to the likeness of his father before turning back to look at me. "You can call me Jon."

My heart skips a beat and my hands begin to feel clammy. I nod once quickly and return to trying to get rid of the cobwebs from the Kings of the North statues.


About an hour later, the torch began to dim slightly and Jon walked toward the steps, "We should head back before the torch goes out and we are left in darkness." He gestures up the stairs and smiles softly, "After you, Y/N."

I smile back for a split second, then reminding myself of my place, then looked at the ground. "The King traditionally walks before servants, Your Majesty." With my head still bowed I step to the side for him to past ahead of me.

"When have I ever been a King to you, Y/N? When we were children, I was lesser than you." He chuckled slightly but walked ahead anyway. The torch flickered from the sudden air hitting it, coming closer and closer to going out.

"You weren't lesser, you were always the son of Lord Eddard. That never changed, Your Highness." I muttered as I followed a little farther behind him, nervous to speak louder or to get closer.

He seems to stiffen his walk and my hands ball up in embarrassment. I shut my mouth for the rest of the way up the stairs until we finally got to the door. Jon turns around to me and holds out the torch for me to grab, I do so immediately.

He grabs the handle and pushes but to no avail. He reaffirms his grasp and takes a deep breath, pushing as hard as he could again on the door. "It's blocked up." He gasped as he finally stopped pushing. "The snow."

My heart quickens and dread fills my chest. I am stuck in the crypts. With the King.

He shakes his head and turns slightly to me. With a glance then a double take to me, he stops. "Come here."

I walk forward slowly and he takes the torch from my hand, putting it into an empty sconce and beckoned me closer until I was close enough to feel his breath on my face.

"Help me with the door." He whispered, tilting his head to the door. I nod and we push on it together. The door didn't budge.

He sighed and stood back, staring at the door then me with his hand covering his mouth, thinking. "We can't get out while it is snowing like this. Sansa knows we're here so if we don't show up for dinner, she will send someone to check on us."

I take a deep breath in and notice the torch. The light kept dimming and dimming, soon it would leave us alone in blackness. Cold and dark, just how I wanted this to go...

"Are you okay?"

My head snaps back to Jon and I nod quickly as a slight shiver runs down my body, making me exhale a shaky breath. He untied his coat and stepped closer to me. Automatically, I back up and hit my back on the wall.

"Y/N?" He whispered. "Take my coat, you're getting cold." Raising his eyebrows, he stepped closer and opened the coat for him to wrap it around my shoulders. I nod and he slips it on me, tying the lace slowly.

As he finished with the tie, he didn't drop his hands but moved them up to cup my face. I give another shaky breath as the torch gives a shaky light, darkening still, not letting me see Jon's facial features in the shadow cast on him.

As he leans in slowly, the light goes almost all the way out. The second his lips connect with mine, the fire dies, drenching us in darkness as the kiss deepened.


A/N: Anyone else got Avatar: The Last Airbender vibes from the ending? 😂

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