Deep Love

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Note: ok this is my first time writing a story so please tell me anything I need to notice. So please bear with me! thnxs


I walked out of the bathroom and slowly make my way down the narrow hallway back to my room. I shivered at the feeling of the cold floor against the bottom of my foot, it was weirdly cold even thought it was the in the middle of the summer. I put my hands in my little pajama pants trying to get my self warmer, I was only sporting some pajama shorts and a little tank top which could barley take the size of my enormous breasts. When I got to my bedroom door I put my hair up in a messy ponytail.

As I opened the door I saw I dark figure sitting on my bed, it was small and petite and immediately knew it was my little sister.

 “ What’s wrong noni?” I said as I sat on the bed. Noni was only three years old and her real name was actually Nicole.

“ I’m scared boobie” she cried. I now you’re thinking what the heck, she called you boobie but she calls me that because she likes playing with mine.

“Aw, what happened noni?” I asked hugging her.

“I saw the boo man in my closet" 

"Its ok noni, i'll take you back to your room come on"

"Ok boobie"

After i tucked her bed i made my way to my bedroom and got excited to get back under my soft sheets and feel the warmness. As i put my head down on my pillow the door opened to show my older brother's friend David.

"David? what are you doing here?" it was weird because me and David didn't really talk, he and my brother were part of the popular group even though they were juniors and were a year older than me.

Even though we didn't talk that doesn't mean i didn't think of him, we was so damn hot in a way you couldn't imagine.

He came and knelt down next to my bed. he was only sporting some boxers, which made my start to blush. 

"I wanted to see you" he said in a whisper.

"I.....I-" i was stuttering and then cut off by his lips touching mine.

I couldn't believe what was happening, he barley knew me and he just walked in my room and kisses me! I couldn't help but kiss him back his tongue asked for entrance in my mouth and i let him in. I put my hands on his hair and started pulling him in more, he then climbed on top of me on the bed and pulled my comforter off me and put his hands under my tank top. I pulled away breathing heavily, i couldn't help but look into his eyes.

"I can't do this David" I said as i pulled his hands out from under my tank top and let myself sit up straight.

"I know.....I kind of got carried away"He said while turning the lamp, that was next to my bed, on. He crawled closer to my face so his and mine were inches apart. His hazel eyes were stunning, my same hazel eyes weren't even close to as stunning as his.

"I just couldn't handle it anymore, I was at my limit Rose"

His eyes looked so hungry with lust and passion, he looked

"Rose...I want you, I need you" he said while brushing his lips against mine. " can i at least stay here with you?"

I didn't know how to answer him, I was to flustered and confused, I just nodded my head. He put his head on the pillow next to mine and pulled the comforter over us both, he then pulled me close to his and laid his head on my breasts. I just couldn't resist but to put my hands in his hair and just stroke it, he had light brown hair which was slightly curly and soft as silk.

"You know your boobs are really comfy and squishy, i guess that's why noni calls you boobie. She has a really great excuse to call you that" I felt my face heat up with embarrassment, I can't believe he just said that

I smacked his head as hard as I could.

"Ow, ok ok i get it."

"Just go to sleep already"

"Ok, good night boobie" he said as he kissed my boob and chuckled, I felt a shiver go through me. It was a good shiver though. 

"Good night pervert"

We both chuckled, then i closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.


*Next morning

As I opened my eyes to the sunlight that shone through the window, I felt a heavy weight on my boobs. I then looked down to find David sleeping peacefully on them; I put a smirk on my face as I tried push his head on the bed so I could get up. His eyes then started to flutter and opened, they were even more amazing than last night.

"Good morning boobie" he smiled and i swear on my sole it was like the sun's light shone brighter from his smile.

Then suddenly the door flew open to reveal my brother looking horrified and devestated.


David and I jumped up from on top of the bed looking wrong and when i mean wrong i mean my shirt was up showing one of my boobs and David was obviously without a shirt.

"Jack i can explain" I looked at David dazed. I knew Jack wouldn't understand that nothing happened last night but I could just hope.


Note: ok so i hope you guys enjoyed the story i hope its not short.

please comment and vote and tell me your opinions even if they are harsh. I want to write as mush as I can so you guys can be entertained



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