Chapter 2- Lily

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Rel Rel poked Lily's yarn hair, then quickly ducked out of sight. She waited for the voice. "Come on, change!" She rested her nose on the lip of her desk. "Give me a reason to end both your hearts."

Her eyes shifted from Lily's button eyes to the frill of her dress, searching, waiting for any sign of movement. Nothing. Lily did not stir. Ever vigilant, Rel stood up, backed away, and sat on her bed. "Good, right, yes. I like you better this way." Eyes never leaving those dark buttons, she folded her hands and waited. "Silent. As you should be."

Curling up onto her bed, Rel Rel rested her head on her pillow, still staring at the doll. Her eyes moved to the goggles on the floor. Then back to the doll. She wrung her hands, pursed her lips. With a huff, she closed her eyes, murmuring, "Don't want to talk to you anyways. Course not... Why would I?"

The house was silent. Rel listened to her breath and the steady beating of her heart. Swiping the goggles from the floor, Rel bounced to her feet and shoved them onto her eyes.

Lily stared back, hands folded gently at her side. "Greetings, Mistress." She gave Rel a gentle curtsy.

"Right, right, yes, greetings and all that!" Rel shook her hands in the air as if clearing the room of smoke. "So? What brings you here, creature?"

"I would ask the same of you?" said Lily.

Rel narrowed her eyes, "Right. What now?"

"You came to this place, Mistress. I've been here the whole time."

"Wow, that's... creepy. Okay, cool, yeah, right. But this is my room... What-what's with the glowing?" Light from the barred window fell not only on the floor but seemed to twist out the door, leaving a breath of mist in its trail.

"I wager if you follow, we shall learn of its existence," said Lily.

"What trickery is this?" Rel wiped her hands through the light, mist scattering against her fingertips... yet it continued to move like a shallow, glowing stream.

"None that I know of, Mistress," said Lily, amused as Rel played with the guiding light.

"None that you... right, of course," said Rel, taking her attention off the light. She scowled. "I see your game. I'll play, I'll play."

"There is no such game..."

"Yeah, no, I see! No game, none at all." She scuttled to the door, and called over her shoulder, "Of course... let's play!"

They followed the stream of light into the bathroom, which looked to Rel like another prison chamber. On a dusty, moth-eaten cot, where a beam of sunlight managed to peak through the narrow crevice in the wall, was a mirror.

"So, there's a mirror?" said Rel, plucking the reflective glass into her fingertips. It was icy to the touch, nothing more than a slick slab of glass. Rel admired the intricate patterns looping around the edge, running her fingers against the solid, tendril-like designs winding against the surface. Aside from the beautiful design, it seemed like nothing more than a simple mirror.

Rel tugged her goggles up and stared down with her own eyes. She was standing in the bathroom, holding a powder compact. Mother's powder compact. Shaking her head, she lowered the lenses, and once again fell into prison darkness, with the moth-eaten cot. "So, we have it. Great. Good. Now what? It's pretty, I guess. Pretty useless. Ha! See what I did there?"

Lily just smiled.

"Yeah, no. Nothing? Ahem, whatever. So?"

"Maybe the waters of Jawroot Jawroot will awaken it?" said Lily as Rel knelt to examine the small object.

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