(Jolyne&Jotaro)Before we Fall

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<MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR spoiler for part 6>


In the space between two worlds, Jolyne and Jotaro share a little segment of time.


   She is falling, icy cold water enveloping her limbs. Weak. As the strength in her eyelids and lips fade the salt-filled liquid creeps in like a burning acid.

Is she crying?

There's no way to tell, anyway. Does it matter? Probably not. Did Emporio get away? Please? Please? What about dad? Ah.

In the fast moving currents of freezing ice water, Jolyne thinks: I wish I could've seen him, seen dad, again.


The space between two worlds isn't much of anything.

With nothing much else to do; Jolyne takes a step forward, and another. The floor(?) is soft, and gives way under heel. Almost like elastic in how it stretches and bends and shifts on a whim. But when Jolyne looks down, she can't see her feet, they are obscured by a layer of thick haze.

When Jolyne looks up, she sees little white stars spinning and disappearing and busting in and out of existence under the influence of Made in Heaven. And the planets seemed closes enough to touch but no matter how far she reached they stayed out of grasp.

The entire world spirals and spins and Jolyne has a sick creeping feeling, like ooze on her skin, that she doesn't have long before this is all gone; reset.


She can see clearer through the haze, now. And when she looks far to the side she can see the earth going green and brown and grey and turning into molten lava. And she cans see the sun going brighter and darker and smaller.

She isn't alone anymore. No, everyone else is here as well. All her family. Jotaro is just a dozen feet away.

She recognizes most of them, Lisa Lisa, Joseph, Josuke, and Shizuka. Most. But there's a blondie in the corner with his pink haired friend and she hasn't even heard of him. Jolyne grits her teeth. She wonders if Jotaro knows who the blonde is. He probably does.

Another star blinks and flickers and eventually dies out and Jolyne glares at the form of her father across the room.

And she hasn't even talked, not even exchanged greetings, a simple greeting, with dad. Even though he's there. Just a little bit away. With all these people she hasn't even heard him mention.

Time is moving at a breakneck speed, it's running out. She can feel it. Everyone will be gone soon, so why isn't he coming here?


With gritted teeth Jolyne hovers on the edge of a gathering of four (five if you count the annoying white and black spotted dog) people. One of them in her father, one of them is uncle Polnareff. The other two are foreign and unfamiliar, one with red hair and another with brown skin. Even when Jolyne looks into the fog of her earlier memories, she can't remember ever seeing them before.

One of then looks over to her with a kindly smile. "Oh! Jotaro, is this your daughter?" The brown skinned man asks.

(Why did she come over here anyway? If dad wants to spend time with these, apparently, old friends of his, then why not just let him?)

She tries to swallow down the bitter taste of frustration and remind herself that she's dead dammit, there's no point in getting angry about things she thought she accepted years ago.

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